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Xander Apps: Educational apps for the love of learning.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best dividends - Benjamin Franklin“

There are so many warnings nowadays about children and too much screen time that parents don’t know who to trust anymore.

Xander Apps offer an alternative, as all screen time is not equal. Xander is classified as healthy technology giving parents peace of mind while their children interact with a device and learn through play. Apps are educational, high quality, contain no in-app purchases or advertisements and have been developed by experienced professionals who are also parents themselves. They have been trusted in over 140,000 households over the last three years.

Xander is designed to support early learning in local languages. Currently it’s one of the biggest libraries of educational apps on the African continent, as it consists of 26 apps in seven languages with new apps and translations added monthly (Afrikaans, Xhosa, Zulu, Tswana, Sotho, Swahili, Shona).

Little children can now prepare for big school by mastering new concepts in their own languages, which is in-line with the latest international findings on early learning.

Apps are available off-line once downloaded and are highly interactive and intuitive. Themes are curriculum aligned for ages three to seven and a new spelling app is now also available for older children from Grade 1 to 10.

The spelling apps were built in collaboration with the University of Stellenbosch to ensure correct pronunciation and choice of words per grade. It is a wonderfully fun word-search game that will offer children wishing to improve their Afrikaans spelling a highly entertaining alternative!

Xander apps have won “Best Kids App” in the Silicon Beach App Awards, “Most innovative product” at the Baba Indaba, and was a finalist in “AppsAfrica 

Where to find Xander Apps:

Apple AppStore

Google PlayStore

Amazon Store

WeChat (coming soon)

Preloaded on Bubblegum tablets

Cell C users can subscribe for monthly apps


Used and trusted by Breteau Foundation, Mr P Foundation and iSchoolAfrica 


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