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The Vaal River Meander Wine Route 2016

The Vaal River Meander Wine Route, starts on the 16th July 2016 and is on for the next six weekends till the 28th August.  All are welcome to indulge in this well-priced wine treat, which is a perfect way to beat the winter blues.

As always, the Wine Route is on every Saturday and Sunday and Public Holiday from midday to 6pm.  There are 17 different venues on and around the Vaal River participating this year offering something for everyone; perfect for wine connoisseurs and even those who know nothing about wine but just want a pleasant well-priced outing, where one will be treated to great wine tasting in relaxed and welcoming environments. 

There are dozens of different Wine Estates represented throughout the venues – with over 200 wines to indulge in.  Each venue has a minimum of 8 wines – some venues go up to 22 wines.  Each venue invites you to tastings of their wines – at only R20.00 per venue per person for tastings of 8 wines or R40 for tastings of their whole selection.

Gauteng’s most popular Wine Route discerns itself  from all the other Wine Routes in South Africa, in that it has a record number of ways in which you can enjoy this winter wine feast. Be it by luxury cruiser, water taxi, chauffer-drive, tour-bus or in your own car - the Vaal River Meander Wine Route has more ways it can be enjoyed, than any other Wine Route in South Africa.

The different wine tasting venues - are so diverse and offer contrasting experiences, as do their wines, with the single common thread of each presenting great South African wines. You might select to eloquently sip wine at a classy river hotel; or in front of a roaring fireplace in a character river pub; or wine tasting with a bit of trying your hand at Lady Luck at a river Casino; or what about enjoying wine in a quirky Pub that oozes fun; or a Vaal township experience at popular Locals; or what about savouring wine as you cruise aboard a luxurious Cruiser down Millionaire’s Mile; or in a character upmarket Wine Cellar.

There are also optional extras to add to your wine experience - such as enjoying a Cruising Wine Tasting Luncheon aboard a luxurious Cruiser; Special Spa treatments over the Wine Route; Special Weekend Breaks; spend the weekend at a Lodge or Hotel along the Vaal while you enjoy the wine and food pairing; enjoy special spa treatments packages put on to celebrate this winter treat; or combine the experience with a historical tour of Sharpeville.

This is also a great opportunity for Companies to entertain their clients or staff to a well-priced Wine Tasting experience with or without food pairing – every experience with a distinctive edge.  There is also the option of using this as your annual Staff Party.
If you want to organise a corporate or private group outing during these 6 weeks – there are a number of packages to choose from, and personalised packages can be put together for you too - tailored for your individual, corporate or private needs.

For more information contact each of the venues or, or visit to see the various packages and routes.

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