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Kids World Entertainment Park - Durban

Alongside the ever popular Sea World, uShaka Kids World is a haven for kids from the ages of 2yrs to 12yrs, designed with jam-packed activities and interactive areas. 
Boast Africa's biggest jungle gym, to Crabby Beach (giant sandpit) to Polly's Paint Pen (painting paradise) and for our movie stars, Splish Splash Sprinkler Island, Cast-Aways (show time stage area), Delia’s Kitchen, and so much more, it's fun from sun-up to sun-down.

All about Kids World Durban

uShaka Kids World | Durban | Kids activities | kids party Venue

uShaka Kids World boasts Africa's largest jungle gym, promising littlies an adventure sure to make them feel on top of the world with plenty of climbing and sliding to add to the fun. For the art lovers, there is the Creative Creatures Corner where girls and boys can try their hands at making something crafty or do some painting at Polly’s Paint Pen. Better still, there is our On da Block Lego Lounge that lets our littlies build and play for hours. Get to hang out with our gorgeous feathered friends – our Suffer Crested Cockatoos, Green Wing Macaws and Blue & Gold Macaws. Plus catch our uShaka Marine World’s Ocean Warrior Mascots Delia the Dolphin, Slippy the Seal, Rusty the Penguin and Raggy the Shark in action as they entertain the crowds at the Castaways Amphitheatre.

Delia's Kitchen (Child-friendly restaurant)

Just recently launched at uShaka Kids World is Delia’s Kitchen, another super party venue featuring a play kitchen area inspiring future master chefs. uShaka Kids World also just recently revamped Ocean Buddies soft play area for the little ones aged between 0 – 3 years  (can we include this somewhere)


Open Monday to Sunday from 09:00 - 17:00

Monday (closed during the off-peak season – however open for bookings)  

09:00 - 17:00

Tuesday: (closed during the off-peak season – however open for bookings)  

09:00 - 17:00

Open Public Holidays

Summer outdoor fun

Not only is there edutainment, but there is also a place where kids can have fun in the sun. Our Crabby Beach Sandpit and Splish Splash Sprinkler Island are always a hit on those many warm Durban days.

So what are you waiting for? Come and have some fun and even book that special birthday for your little by using the contact form below!

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