Saggy Stone Family Restaurant and wine farm Robertson
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Age Groups

  • 5-9
  • 10-12
  • 13+

Brothers Adrian and Phillip Robinson, decided to buy a fruit farm situated in the heart of Nuy Valley, west of Robertson in the hopes of turning its grapes into wine and exporting its fruit overseas. After traveling through Australia, Phillip noticed a trend of microbreweries scattered in the Outback’s vineyards. They were inspired to become Robertson’s first “beer-brewing farm”.

Their dream realised in 2007 after a few experimental kit beers made for friends and family. A combination of Phillip’s recipes and Adrian’s 12-year stint as a baker, ensured they perfected the art of brewing using the all-grain brewing method, while discovering that the pure mountain water on the farm made the perfect pint.

Saggy Stone offers a wide variety of craft beers, picnic and braai with the availability of pre-ordered braai packs, pub, restaurant, kids play area, doggies can accompany you on a walk and so much more enjoyable fun for any family.

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