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Wynberg Park
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Try Battlefield Live SA as a unique kids party idea or a team building activity.

Battlefield Live SA offers a unique, fun and active alternative for an event, from a kid’s birthday party to a team building activity.  They are based in 2 venues (Wynberg Park and Altydgedacht Wine Estate, Durbanville), and their aim is to create an overall experience of consistent quality, bonding and most of all fun – ensuring everyone leaves with amazing memories.

There is no pain associated with the game as their weapons shoot infra-red bullets so are a lot safer and more environmentally friendly than playing paintball.

Battlefield Live | Cape Town | Kids Party Venue

Battlefield Live SA offer:

  • Kids parties
  • Team Building
  • Adult Parties
  • Bachelor Parties
  • Year End Functions

Make your kids’ birthday party extra special with outdoor laser tag with Battlefield Live SA

Need the birthday party to be more exciting than Xbox? Think outdoor laser tag with Battlefield Live – and get some serious savings as well.

The two-hour war simulation activity is a dream come true for any child who’s ever played video games like Call of Duty or Battlefield, as it gives participants the opportunity to step into a live version of their favourite Xbox challenge. Kids are kept enthralled for the full time as instructors run them through various action-packed military-style scenarios, like ‘Capture the Flag’, ‘VIP Escort’ and ‘Base Domination’, that require little ones to work together as a team to achieve specific goals.  This activity is best suited for kids aged 7+.



Battlefield Live | Cape Town | Kids Party Venue

We DO play in the Rain – we are the only laser tag company that can guarantee playing in the rain. We have imported ponchos for the children to wear which covers the entire body and head so just the face and feet get wet – and kids love playing in the rain.

Our latest Ultimate laser tag event is the coolest 2 hour children’s event available in Cape Town. Children are participating in an event that is loads of fun whilst incorporating teamwork and physical exercise in an environment in which children can relate to.

We offer the following themed birthday invitations for your party:

  • Fortnite Birthday Parties
    Apex Legends Birthday Parties
    Pokemon Birthday Parties
    Star Wars Birthday Paties
    Avengers Birthday Parties
    Minecraft Birthday Parties
    Call of Duty Birthday Parties
    Battlefield Birthday Parties

We use the most up to date laser tag equipment using sophisticated infrared technologies. Our player-tested equipment make us the leading provider of outdoor laser tag in South Africa.

Battlefield Live | Cape Town | Kids Party Venue

Parties usually take place in Wynberg Park or Altydgedacht Wine Estate so boys and girls can run around in a natural forest setting while ‘shooting’ their opponents with realistic state-of-the-art guns. The package also includes military vests and war paint (so young’uns can really get into the zone) as well as battle-themed email invitations and photographs of your event. The Battlefield Live SA staff have been highly praised for the professional service they offer and for their willingness to help out parents with every detail of the event and remove all the hassle of organising a killer kiddies’ bash while parents relax in the park.

Battlefield Live | Cape Town | Kids Party Venue

As for the safety aspect, well, grown-ups can take comfort in the fact that the laser technology is harmless and pain-free. There are also two ‘mission commanders’ watching over the kids all the time. Battlefield Live SA owner Renar Wheeler stresses that the activity, it’s not about the guns, it’s about fun, engaging in healthy exercise and honing their communication, planning and listening skills and learning about trust, respect and teamwork.

It’s a win-win situation. Children have the time of their lives and develop a few important skills while doing so, and moms and pops get to sit back.  It’s the sort of one-of-a-kind kids’ party that leaves everyone feeling like champion soldiers.


Minimum event charge R 2830.00 and includes up to 14 kids.

Battlefield Live | Cape Town | Kids Party Venue

Team Building 

Battlefield Live SA’s team building activity is designed to get your teams working together on all those important aspects of team work, communication, trust, respect, listening skills, strategic thinking and there is no better way to spend time outdoors with your work colleagues having fun.

Battlefield Live SA | Kids Parties | Team Building | Cape Town | Things to do With Kids

Battlefield Live SA | Kids Parties | Team Building | Cape Town | Things to do With Kids

Adult Birthday Parties and Bachelor Parties

For your special celebration, add some fun with our unique laser tag activity everyone can enjoy and remember for a long time. Our events are so much FUN, everyone will want to join in. A great bonding experience with lots of laughter as everyone fights it out Battlefield Live style.

Please contact them to find out more and get a quote.

Battlefield Live SA | Kids Parties | Team Building | Cape Town | Things to do With Kids

Year End Functions

Battlefield Live SA offer a selection of packages for year-end functions to include activity, food and drinks.

Please contact them to find out more and get a quote.

Battlefield Live SA | Kids Parties | Team Building | Cape Town | Things to do With Kids


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