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Some people jam music, but at Artjamming™ you jam art!
You simply walk in and let your imagination take hold of the paint brushes. Artjamming™ studios allow you to create your very own unique full colour art piece by fusing creativity and colour to a chillout beat.
Whether it’s playing, painting, sponging or spraying, it’s about putting on an apron to face a blank canvas and unleashing your own individual creativity that makes Artjamming™ the most fun you can have with a paintbrush.
Artjammers are provided with a menu of 12 different size canvases, easels, a choice of non-toxic acrylic paints on tap, brushes and tools to freely express themselves.
No drawing or painting skills are required, but for those who would like a helping hand or some inspiration, there are qualified artists at the studios to assist.
For young artists, art students and art enthusiasts Artjamming™ is a great resource, not only for the various art materials available for sale, but also because for as little as R135.00 you can create your own art piece without having to carry the cost of buying expensive materials needed for projects, exams or portfolio examples. With 45 colours to choose from, a variety of drawing materials, different tools, paint brushes in all sizes and even a hairdryer to create special effects or speed up the drying process, Artjamming™ can become your own studio in an environment which oozes creativity.
Artjamming™ also hosts birthday parties, team building parties, corporate events, school holiday programmes, tuition, exhibitions and more.
Artjamming has also introduced Messy Play Classes in stores. ARTJAMMING Messy Play offers an outstanding opportunity for children to grow and learn. Young children of all ages can enjoy and benefit from messy play. Infants and toddlers may simply explore the materials and enjoy textures and smells. As preschoolers grow, they will begin to ask questions and experiment with the materials to find answers. Each child will benefit in his own way. ARTJAMMING Messy Play helps children to develop concepts. These concepts are the basis for later learning.
Special Benefits
ARTJAMMING Messy Play offers benefits to all children. It allows children of all abilities to become involved and get to know other children.
Children who are in the process of learning English as a second language can join in and use the materials with their peers because ARTJAMMING Messy Play does not rely on words. Since there is no "right way" to do messy play, children with special needs can use these open-ended materials as they wish.
Booking is essential because of limited space. At the moment Artjamming Messy Play Classes are only being offered at the Waterfront Store but there are plans to introduce them into all stores in 2016. Classes start from 8 months old up to 4 years. To book email or call 021-4255050 or visit
Artjamming is a nationwide chain of stores which not only provides art supplies but also offers team building sessions, art classes and their famous Artjamming sessions. Artjamming brings together music and art to offer a Paintertainment session where one can express your creativity by means of releasing colours, shapes and beauty onto a canvas with paint.
For more information, please visit or call: 021-4621573

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