Get up and get moving with Pictionary Air

Get up and get moving with Pictionary Air

What is Pictionary Air?

Today all you hear about is how kids and parents alike just sit in front of their phones, tablets and tv’s and don’t pay any attention to anyone around them or get any exercise. So, when Mattel, sent me a box of a new game they’re launching, I was very skeptical. Fast forward three weeks and my family and I can’t get enough of it. “No mom, not like that, like this!” or “Honey… this is actually hard!” Remember the age-old game of Pictionary where you used to use paper and pen and draw non-stop until someone guessed what it was… well this new game Pictionary Air is nothing and everything like that. It brings together technology and imagination and adds in some good and wholesome family fun!

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But how do you draw into the air and see it?

Once you have your Pictionary Air boardgame box, you need to download the app available for all devices. Once you’ve followed the simple and very easy prompts you can now get up and get moving with the new and hilarious Pictionary Air. You have to sketch in the air with a giant oversized lightup pen. This pen has two colours… again very simple… red means stationary and green means your imagination is going wild. It then displays onto the phone or tablet you are using. To make it even cooler you can also cast it to your TV screen so the whole family can see what is going on except you! You can even interact with your drawings. You can record, snap and save all of the funny, memorable and awkward moments AND you even get to send them to social media. I told you this game perfectly combines the tech savvy modern generation with the board gaming older generation!

Is Pictionary Air recommend for toddlers, teens and adults?

Mattel and Pictionary air have recommended the game is for 8 years and older. I can agree with this, as older kids can read, draw and pretty much be able to hold their own in a team of two. So comfortably teens and adults could play this game happily and do very well!

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However, on a personal note, I had so much fun with my 4 year old playing this game. We were in one team and my husband and older nephew the other team. With me whispering in my little ones ear on what to draw created much laughter and many memories as he whizzed away with the oversized lightup pen. By no means was he brilliant but we all had such fun watching each other on TV, drawing what we thought were dogs when in fact they looked like aliens. It is a lot harder than it looks but if you’re willing to go all in for fun then it is definitely for everyone.

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Win your own Pictionary Air just by reading this blog!

Pictionary Air is perfect for any party or games night. Through the in-app screen, which is compatible with IOS and Android operating systems, you’ll be ready to get up and move in no time. Would you like to try out your own Pictionary Air? Then win one here with me! Comment on this blog on our facebook page with the person you would love to play this game with and be sure to enter online here.

Pictionary Air is also available at selected retailers at a recommended retail price* of R449.99. Included is a Pictionary Air™ pen, 112 double-sided clue cards and card box and one AA Alkaline battery.

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