The BEST classic game. Family time with Scrabble

The BEST classic game. Family time with Scrabble

Going away for the holidays is just the absolute best family time. And I don’t mean going to a glamorous destination or on a sight-seeing tour... although who wouldn’t want that... but I mean going away for the good old break with family. Some go to beach resorts and others, like my family, go to a family owned beach house and lap up relaxation to the max! Lounge around reading books, lie on the beach for hours, swim and play with the kids, have leisurely long braai’s but what reminds me of quality family time are the evening boardgames. Our family’s absolute favourite by far... Scrabble! So, when Mattel sent us a box of the original Scrabble, I was giddy with excitement. This would be the best to review as we absolutely love it.


Who can play scrabble and how long does it take?

It can be played in 45-90 minutes, although this time depends largely on the skill and pace of the players. With my family, it could take a lot longer! Scrabble is a game for anyone 8+, although it is important to make sure that each player can form basic words and understands the concepts of game play. For some children, this is younger than 8, for others, it might take a bit longer. So, yes, it’s advisable that you have a good vocabulary but what we do in our family is team up so the younger kids can listen, learn and also enjoy!

Scrabble is a simple, mind-exercising game. I have found that it works very well in teaching children spelling and expanding their vocabulary, as well as strengthening current English levels. I would recommend Scrabble to anyone with young children as an educational and challenging alternative to simpler board games. While there may not be a “theme” thinking, planning ahead, and player interaction are essential to becoming a good scrabble player.


How do you play scrabble?

Scrabble was invented in 1931 by an unemployed architect named Alfred Butts. It was quietly played by just the inventor and his friends until 1948 when it began to be manufactured and sold. Scrabble is the world's best-selling word game and once people start playing this famous word game they are usually captivated for life.

In this classic word game, players use their seven drawn letter-tiles to form words on the game board. Each word players use earns points based on the commonality of the letters used, with certain board spaces giving bonus points. But a word can only be played if it uses at least one already-played tile or adds to an already-played word. This leads to slightly tactical play, as potential words are rejected because they would give an opponent too much access to the better bonus spaces or letters. I am the latest scrabble winner in my family! Only because I was lucky enough to get the letter X which is an 8-point letter. Placed correctly it gave me an unbelievable score. Scrabble tip... Xi is in the scrabble dictionary! Look it up ;)


This new bright green box includes:1 Scrabble Game Board, 100 letter tiles, four racks, a letter bag and instructions and the retail price is around R399.

This is a great opportunity to start a new trend in your family. Instead of giving the same old presents why not give a classic and instead of watching YouTube or playing tv games why not sit around and enjoy Scrabble with the whole family young and old! Update and treat yourself to a brand-new Scrabble and enjoy quality family time with Scrabble. #FamilyTimeWithScrabble



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