Easy Steps to get Your Pool Sparkling for Summer

Easy Steps to get Your Pool Sparkling for Summer

In the southern hemisphere, we have the privilege of celebrating the year-end holiday season in the height of summer. We trade in thick winter jackets and jerseys for slops and T-shirts, and the best part is, we get to enjoy our holidays around the pool.

To amplify the enjoyment of the festive season, there is nothing quite like a gleaming blue swimming pool for fun and entertainment. But first, you need to get the pool sparkling which can sometimes be a tall order. In the spirit of long summer days spent by the pool, here are some tips to help get the sparkle back into your pool:

Skim the debris

While this may seem like a no-brainer, loads of people skip this step in pool maintenance. The reason it’s essential is to stop floating debris from sinking and becoming more challenging to remove. Doing it by hand with a long-handled net every few days will help!

Use a pool vacuum

Using a motorised or manual pool vacuum at least once a week will reduce the amount of chemicals necessary to clean the pool. This will suck up debris that has fallen to the bottom, which can begin to break down and stain the pool, affecting its clarity. Also, check the filter each time you vacuum the pool and clear it out if necessary.

Use a tennis ball to absorb surface oil

A great trick to get rid of any oil that may sit on the surface of the pool is to toss in a clean, dry tennis ball. The oil will cling to and seep into the fibres of the tennis ball. Allow the ball to float on the surface of the pool for a couple of hours before you remove it.

Make sure to brush

Once a week brush the walls, tiles and mosaics to help minimise algae build-up and calcium deposits that can form over time. Opt for a firmer brush for plaster lined concrete pools and softer bristles for vinyl or fibreglass pools. Over tiled areas, you should also opt for a more delicate brush around tiles and mosaics to prevent scratching.

Pay attention to the filter

No matter what type of filter you have, making sure it’s clean is one of the fundamental ways to maintain a healthy blue tint. However, overcleaning the filter can be counterproductive so don’t clean it more than recommended.

Maintain the PH

Regularly test the water PH to make sure it’s clean and healthy beyond what the eye can see. HTH recommends that you should maintain a PH of between 7.2 and 7.6. This range is optimal for swimming and helps sanitizers work more efficiently. Invest in a PH level testing kit for easy and ongoing maintenance. If the PH of your pool is out of the ideal range, contact your local pool specialist for advice on what chemicals to add to balance the scales.

Get building insurance

A pool can be a costly endeavour as it is. But if, for example, the motor gets struck by lightning, it can be costly to fix. Opt for building insurance, which covers the permanent structures and fixtures in your home from certain unforeseen events. This type of home insurance takes care of not only the house but also any other permanent structures on your property. Get an online insurance quote to find out how you can cover the pool you work so hard to maintain.

When cleaning a swimming pool, each step works towards achieving the perfect crystalline swimming pool to enjoy during the summer. This summer, live your way, next to your crystal-clear swimming pool.

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