5km Radius Run, Mother's day and Free e-book for kids!

5km Radius Run, Mother's day and Free e-book for kids!

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My family and I celebrated 4 birthdays this lockdown. I am not sure if it is a biological clock "thing" but both my kids, my grandmother and our dog have their birthdays in April. My grandmother celebrated her 95th birthday! Wow, isn't that amazing? My grandmother lived through the Great Depression, she lived through "Runder pes" pandemic (Similar to Ebola), years of drought and World War 2. I remember she always placed gift wrapping paper right back under her mattress to save for the next year and taught us to carefully take off the sellotape so the paper would not tear. She knew what it was to have very little and to live in abundance. I count myself blessed to be able to learn from her. 

This reminded me that Alexa shared her TOP TIPS for keeping her house clean, tips her grandmother shared with her!  ’How did you do it Oma? How did you keep your house so clean?!’ I almost shouted into the phone one day as I called my grandmother in desperation, my house a growing monster of mess around me. 
My grandmother raised 3 kids and kept her immaculate household under firm control (as only a true German woman named Helga can do) ..."
Read more & get your free cleaning schedule here. 

So May is a month to celebrate mothers, grandmothers and the wisdom they bring.

Be sure to Visit Ipic Shopping Centre Soneike if you reside near Kuils River...pssst... they have a giveaway on their Facebook Page where you can win a huge gift voucher! 



For those of you dreaming about Travel - Weskus shared some "Winter Wonders with kids" so you can dream ahead. Stay home now so you can travel later. View the gallery and blog here.


WIN, Virtual experiences & Home Entertainment 

1. For the runners: How cool is this app? Use this tool to determine what a 5km radius around your house look like so you can jog in peace!

2. FitBrain has sponsored a 1 metre Plush Teddy, Brave Bear Book & Brave Medal. If you love the educational and uplifting content of Brave Bear then be sure to
enter here to stand a chance to WIN (last chance today).  ALSO: Brave Bear Books have written a free e-book on the "Creepy Corona Virus"  in 5 languages, download it here

3. Get more info on how to make your own mask here: 

4. If you missed our LIVE science workshops, Afrikaans #KultuurUuur or Sorbet Slime's craft workshops you are welcome to visit to view them again. 


Our Autumn edition of Things To Do With Kids Magazine is available with great tips on parenting, baking activities and more!   READ IT ONLINE.

Publishing: We plan as if we will be able to plan isolation vacations and outings by end of June or at least be able to start planning like South African Tourism encourages us to do. (Stay home now, so you can travel later). The odds seem top be tipping in favour of online only. We will be in contact with our advertisers regarding this as Level 4 details unfold.  

Things to do With Kids is a South African magazine which encourages being a responsible tourist in your own town and country. This family-friendly magazine advocates quality time together as families and of course, allows you to collect memories rather than things.

If you have virtual events to share with us, please feel free to
add them online. Make contact with us, if you'd like to feature your business.

Thanks again to a fantastic team, readers and businesses for the lovely collaboration!  
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