Weskus Winter Wonders with Kids

Weskus Winter Wonders with Kids

The South African Government’s announcement of a national state of disaster and nation-wide lockdown on March 26 has resulted in children being stuck in the house, potentially for months. This is hard on our young ones who need to spend pent-up energy outdoors.

Make a note now that when all this is over and we are allowed to travel again, you will discover the Weskus Winter Wonders with your kids and explore the wonderful things that the Weskus has to offer the family after a most challenging time. Here are some of the magnificent things you can explore.

Namaqua West Coast

Let’s begin your travel plans at Namaqua West Coast. After all the restrictions of lockdown, I am sure you would love to go wine tasting and at a child-friendly wine estate. Enjoy wine pairing with biltong and chocolate while the kids are doing a Jelly Tot and grape-juice pairing at Die Keldery in Vredendal – a shared sensory experience while soaking up the glorious winter sun.

Then visit Maskam Brewery where an outside play area and petting zoo will delight the kids. While you taste a round of beer, the kids can enjoy a tasty meal and hot chocolate. Don’t forget their gumboots so they can play in the muddy puddles, as kids for some reason love to do in the heart of winter.

Cederberg | Things to do With Kids

Cederberg Mountains

Your next stop would be the Cederberg region where the beautiful greenery and fresh winter earth smell will draw you in completely. Of course, we will still be practising some level of social distancing and what better way to do that than in the Cederberg wilderness area? Sitting by the camp fire, telling stories while toasting marshmallows, sharing an isolation vacation with the people you love, embraced by Mother Nature … the perfect destresser!

The Cederberg Mountains, burnt orange by iron oxide, dominate the landscape. Jagged sandstone rock formations such as the Maltese cross and the Wolfberg Arch, and ancient San and Khoi rock art make this area truly spectacular.

Rock Climbing | Things to do With Kids


When all that Cederberg nature has been soaked up, the Bergrivier region is a wonderful place to take the family. Pampoenfontein is a 400-hectare farm that leads through fynbos-covered mountains and invariably reveals magnificent views – a great place to go walking or cycling with the kids. Ask the local tourism office about hiking to the waterfall and exploring Velddrif’s bird watching activities.

Things to do With Kids in Verlddrif and Bergriver area

West Coast Peninsula

The West Coast Peninsula is known for its picturesque beaches, however, there is lots more to do in this unpretentious region than beach bumming. Do the “mossel jive” during a weekend family veldskool with Silent Steps. Learn how the San lived and foraged from the shorelines of South Africa thousands of years ago, and do the same. Prepare the food you and the kids foraged on an open fire and serve your family food from nature, perhaps with a modern twist or two. A weekend breakaway full of infotainment, fun, foraging and fabulous veldskool ideas with Anette Grobler from Silent Steps is the way to make memories that will last forever.

Swartland | Things to do With Kids

Stop at the famous Die Plaasmol, created with kids in mind. This farm stall-nursery-petting zoo promotes a healthy, organic lifestyle and is passionate about recycling, upcycling and caring for the environment as well as the local community.

After a fun-filled morning at the farm stall, visit the West Coast Fossil Park for a winter educational tour of five-million-year-old old fossils found in the region. Follow this up with archery lessons at Thali Thali and end off the day at the Club Mykonos resort with child-friendly indoor activities at the kids club, while you relax and enjoy the winter sunset.

Berg Review | Things to do With Kids


Conclude your trip in the Swartland wheat farming region, also known for their delightful wines. Take a tour to the nearest winery where you will always find a kid-friendly play area. Have the fantastic cheese board Swartland Winery has to offer and pair it with the five wine tastings. Warm-up your stay with the region’s most refreshing wine while the kids are playing and enjoying the winter days.

If you have time, visit the popular Groote Post country market – the kids will love it. The market promotes “Local is lekker” with locals presenting a divine selection of gourmet produce including mushrooms, burgers, bread, cheese, cured meats, olive oils, preserves and much more, to enjoy at the market or take home. Kids will enjoy the rolling lawns, playground, tractor trips and guided horse rides.

Swartland | Things to do With Kids

When the winter breeze dances through the trees, you can feel a chilly kind of magic in the air. Cold weather brings people together; we yearn for warmth, love, and connection. Everyone seems to be a bit nicer and nobody complains about a little vacation! This winter season, be open and accepting to new beginnings, learn to love more and allow time to slow down so you can appreciate every moment.

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