Mi-Ka the Meerkat-The Underwater World of Fishes

Mi-Ka the Meerkat-The Underwater World of Fishes

Mi-Ka the Meerkat is searching for her home

#1: The Underwater World of Fishes

By Alexa Gerrard

Mi-Ka the Meerkat has lost her home and has no idea where she belongs. One day, she decides to explore the underwater world of fishes, as she heard that it is so beautiful there. Maybe the sea is her home?

Mi-Ka gets on a boat and jumps into the sea. Behind her an explosion of bubbles soars to the surface … WOW! She looks around and sees a magical world of orange, blue, green, purple and pink fish, tiny seahorses and humungous sharks! But can it be? Yes, her eyes are telling her the truth: this breath-taking underwater world is spoiled by litter - plastic cups and bags and bottles and toys and straws are floating around everywhere.

Suddenly a pink and blue octopus swims up to her and pokes her with one of its eight legs. Still in shock, Mi-Ka asks: "Strange creature, where does all this plastic come from?"

"It is all kinds of plastic waste thrown away by the moms, dads and kids who live in the world of humans. All this litter hurts our bodies and lands in our tummies. It makes us sick and is damaging our world,” the octopus replies.

He looks Mi-Ka up and down – she looks very odd to him and definitely not as if she belongs in the underwater world of fishes.

“Do you think I belong in the world of the fishes?" Mi-Ka asks. "I cannot breathe under the water like you can. Maybe I belong in the world of the humans where all this plastic comes from?"

The octopus smiles and nods. "Yes, if you want to live in the sea, you have to be able to breathe like us or you will drown. So, this cannot possibly be your home, and I'm not sure whether you belong in the world of humans either. But if you happen to travel there, please ask them to stop using so much plastic? Maybe if you tell them that it is hurting us, they will stop."

Mi-Ka gives the octopus a BIG hug and promises to take his message to the humans when she goes to their world on her next adventure.

Mi-Ka the Meerkat is searching for her home | Kids story | Things to do With Kids

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