Kids indoor party entertainment ideas

Kids indoor party entertainment ideas

Planning on throwing an indoor kids party?

Kids indoor party games and entertainment are a great way to let them have loads of fun. Most of these games can be done alongside any theme you might choose for the birthday party.  The activities and games can also be used as everyday indoor play activities on a rainy day to keep the kids entertained.

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Do it yourself kids party entertainment ideas:

These activities and ideas are DIY and can easily be put together by anybody. Party prizes can also be given out to all the winners of each game.

Paper Plate Ring Toss

This is fairly easy to assemble and make.

You will need:

  • Paper plates, about 10 
  • A few water bottles

Take your paper plate and cut out the centre piece so that you have a ring. You can paint each paper plate a different colour. Fill your bottles with water or sand. When the kids want to play the game, take the plate rings and let them throw them from a short distance. The rings should fall over the bottles with the bottle being in the middle of the paper ring.

String Maze

If you have a long narrow passage, this will work out a fun and easy party game.

You will need:

  • String, nice colour string if possible
  • Prestik or tape

Set up the maze in a narrow area of the house where it will be easy to connect the string on opposite sides of a wall or door. Cut lengths of string and stick or tape the string at various angles along the passage area. This creates an obstacle like course; the kids have to navigate through the string from one side to the other without touching or breaking the string.

Ball toss

This game is easy and fun to do with the kids

You will need:

  • You can use buckets or plastic cups
  • Balls: ping pong balls, ball pond balls or you can even just crumple up some colour paper into balls.

Line the buckets or cups in a row. Get the kids to throw their ball into the cup or bucket. The first one to get all their balls in wins.

What’s in the bag?

A fun guessing game that kids will enjoy.

You will need:

  • Paper bags
  • Safe objects or items found around the house, small enough to fit into the bags.

E.g. toothpaste tube, toys, pens or pencils, shells, fruit or anything else you can find.

Place the object into the bag. Have a few bags with items in and during the party ask each child to try and identify what is in the bag. If they get it correct, they can receive a small prize.

Balloon challenge

Kids entertainment ideas | kids party | Kids activities | fun indoor activities| creative ideas

I think this one will be easier to do with the older kids.

You will need:

  • Balloons of different colours
  • Paper and pen

Write funny things to do, like hop on one leg while singing Mary had a little lamb. Place the paper notes into the balloons. Blow them up and tie it off. You can use quite a few balloons, one of each colour. Get the kids to mix and toss the balloons up and tell them to catch a specific colour balloon. The one who gets it can pop it and has to perform the task on the note paper. They then get a prize and sit out of the next round. This goes on until no balloons are left over.

Balloon pop

This is an easy fun physical game activity to do with kids.

You will need:

  • Balloons
  • String  or ribbon

Blow all the balloons up and tie them closed. Take two balloons and tie one loosely around each kids ankle. Let them have fun by trying to pop each other balloons.

The Freeze game

This is a well know game that anybody can do. Let the kids gather in one spot. One person or adult is in control of playing the music and the kids can dance and move around. When the music is stopped everybody must freeze. Anybody who is seen moving is out of the game.

Scavenger hunt

A good old scavenger hunt is always fun and exciting to do and can be done outdoors as well as indoors. Any of the items you hide can also be chosen to fit the theme of the party.

Print or write out the items you want the kids to find and hand them each a copy. You can have the kids just look for the items or you could make it more difficult with clues and puzzles.

Have fun!

Cup bowling

You will need:

  • Plastic or paper cups
  • A tennis ball or hacky sack

Place a row of cups upside down in a row; add another row on top of these until you have a tower of cups. Let each kid have a turn throwing the ball and knocking the cups over.

Suck it up – straws and smarties (minute to win it game)

This is a” minute to win it” game I came across.

You will need:

  • Smarties
  • Straws
  • Cups

Place one cup and some smarties next to each child. Give them a straw and tell them to suck on the straw and try to pick up each smartie. Place the smartie into the cup, the one with the most smarties at the end of a minute wins.

Kids indoor entertainment ideas

No time to make up your own games or activities; why not hire some entertainment instead.

Here are a few entertainment ideas that you could try.

Balloon Modeller

Kids entertainment ideas | kids party | Kids activities |fun indoor activities| creative ideas

Credit: Bazinga Parties

Many professional party planners offer the services of a balloon modeller. The balloons can be made into hats, animal characters and anything else the imagination might inspire.

Face painting

Kids entertainment ideas | kids party | Kids activities |fun indoor activities| creative ideas

Credit: Bazinga Parties

Face painting is always a popular party entertainment idea for kids. Kids can become superheroes or princesses. This is a fun and exciting activity to brighten up any kids party.



A magical solution to your child’s birthday party entertainment

Visit: or

Theatre puppets

Kids entertainment ideas | kids party | Kids activities | fun indoor activities| creative ideas

Credit: Magical Parties

This is a fun and unique experience for your child’s birthday party. Puppets, music and enthralling stories will keep every child entertained and happy.

Visit: or

Pamper parties

Pamper parties is a great way to keep little girls entertained and feeling great for the whole day. From mini manicures and pedicures to glitter nail polish, a fun and indulging party entertainment idea.


Creative art parties

Fun and rewarding craft workshops for kids of all ages. Designing, painting and creating, a sure way to keep your child engaged and happy at their birthday party.


Traditional Party Ideas

Kids party games | National | Things to do With Kids

Image credit: Jeane-Marie Gomes Photography

Whether it's indoor or and outdoor party, you will need some fun party game ideas. How about some great traditional kids games you can play at a birthday party. Kids love an obstacle course, musical chairs or the old “tug of war” game captured in the above image. Read all about it on the kids party idea blog. Most of these party games require very little preparation, a long piece of rope, a few chairs and for the obstacle course, you can use anything you have on hand, just use your imagination.

Look here for some more party entertainment ideas:


Be Inspired, Be Creative, Have Fun. Charlene

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