Beauty in abundance awaits you in the Overberg.

Beauty in abundance awaits you in the Overberg.

The year started with a bang and it may be time to take a breather again.

CapeNature has seven nature reserves within the Overberg area, each showcasing the beauty of plant life, mountain views, rumbling rivers, ocean vistas and forest fun. A great getaway experience for large or small groups of people who find pleasure in fully embracing the natural wonders of the world. These reserves are known for their hiking trails, sightseeing, plant life, special species, and of course, eco-friendly accommodation.

Stoney point hiking and fishing with kids

A revamped luxury 10-sleeper home is now the talk-of-the-town. Called Bliss on the Bay, its name truly speaks for itself. Wake up in 5-star accommodation with arresting views, overlooking a nearby hiking trail and the magnificent bay underneath it. If you look close enough, you might see a whale or two. 

Family Holiday Accommodation | Cape Nature | With Kids

Be prepared to be wowed when visiting any of CapeNature’s Overberg reserves. It has something for everyone! Hiking trails, birdwatching, whale-watching, swimming, mountain-biking, and spectacular views that attributes to an amazing stay. Excited yet? We hope so. Here is your ultimate Overberg adventure guide.



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