Barbie Color Reveal by boys!

Barbie Color Reveal by boys!

But you only have boys! How can you do a review on Barbie? I only laughed at this comment. Barbie Color Reveal doll is a unique take on unboxing toys. We all know how much kids LOVE unboxing. And we all know how much kids love water. Put the two together and you get the Barbie Color reveal doll! And my kids (my BOYS) loved it!


So let’s be honest!

  • Playing with dolls is a creative activity that helps kids practice how to interact with other people while allowing them to make mistakes.
  • It’s important that children be able to identify with dolls so that they can imagine the world from their perspectives and build empathy. This is why representation is critical.
  • Boys gain valuable skills when they play with dolls.
  • Structured doll play isn’t necessarily bad, but it does somewhat defeat the point. It’s best to let children lead the way.

And Barbie Color Reveal lets them do just that! Barbie Color Reveal dolls are full of surprises! 7 of them to be exact. My 3 year old repeated whenever he held another surprise activity or packet “it’s a toy!”. A doll wearing trendy fashion is guaranteed in each box, but each doll's look remains a mystery until revealed. How can this not be exciting for anyone?


The packaging is part of the fun... and boy was it fun. You pull the strip to remove the outer layer and reveal a clear tube. Inside is a mystery pink Color Reveal doll and four bags hiding surprises inside.

Remove them all and fill the tube with warm water, then insert the doll and swirl her around. The delight when the water turns pink is amazing, and when the doll is pulled out, her features are revealed! And my kids were in awe. Their hands were pink from the paint like substance coming off of her which brought many squeals. It definitely tested my oldest who hates getting his fingers dirty! We got the most gorgeous Barbie with a unicorn on her costume.



Each doll has a different combination of eye colour, colour of sculpted hair, skin tone and decorated costume, but the surprises continue…open the bags to discover a long-haired wig, a skirt, a pair of shoes and a “magic” small sponge.

Dip the sponge in ice cold water and use it to transform the doll's face and sculpted hair -- her eyes, lips and hair change colour -- with the use of warm and ice cold water, kids can repeat this wow moment over and over again! My oldest said it reminded him of his Hot Wheels that he can do the same trick with. Using the hot and cold water to change the colour. And who said kids can’t put two and two together!

Complete her look with the skirt, shoes and wig and play out a story.


8 year old me was dying to get out and help my boys dress her and brush her hair and transform her makeup. But they stole the show knowing just what to do and being ever so cute doing it!

This surprise Barbie Color Reveal doll is part of the animal-themed series and makes a great gift for kids 3 to 7 years old, especially animal lovers.

Kids can collect them to mix and match accessories and expand their playtime opportunities.

So, I normally wouldn’t go out and buy my boys a doll. Nevermind a Barbie... but revealing this Barbie was probably one of the most exciting toy things we’ve done (as a family) in a while!

In fact, the Barbie #ThankYouHeroes promotion is still on, where at Toys R Us stores, with every Barbie you buy one gets donated to the Children’s Hospital Trust. Now is your chance to make a difference!






Tracey, a former communications specialist and globetrotter, studied Psychology, Sociology and Management and is now a full-time mom of two boys. Tracey is constantly searching for connections, support and inspirations to start influencing and encouraging other stay at home moms. She is affectionate, charismatic and deeply caring making her decisions to dedicate her time to children and other moms ideal. She loves spending time with her family, traveling and trying out new family friendly activities. Writing for Things to do with Kids is a new adventure and dream for Tracey.

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