Alice in Wonderland at Canal Walk - Is it worth going?

Alice in Wonderland at Canal Walk - Is it worth going?

The Children’s Theatre at Canal Walk is always such a treat. Thus, we were enthralled to be invited to the opening of their Alice in Wonderland production. The characterization of the Lewis Carrol classic was delightful, with a whimsical Alice taking us on a whistle-stop tour of Wonderland. The music and acting were top-notch, and the children enjoyed it just as much as us. My favourite scene remains the “Mad Hatter’s Tea Party”, but the Cheshire Cat stole the show.

You can expect all the main characters from the books, and they are well-played. Each with their song and dance number to accompany the story. I also appreciated that the scenes with the Queen of Hearts were not so intense as to scare younger audience members.

When asking my children for their opinion on whether it is worth going, I got a resounding: "YES!" (psst - adults will love it too!)

My top 3 insider tips for getting the most out of your visit are:

  1. Arrive early, you want to be able to pick a good spot.
  2. With Peter Pan, we suggested that you sit in the side block, this time you want to opt for the centre block, but close to the side, as the characters do move down the aisle a couple of times.
  3. Park at entrance 10 for quick access to the centre court.

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