Turn off geotagging on your device

Turn off geotagging on your device

Modern mobile devices make it easy to capture all those special family moments.  Almost all of these devices record the location the picture is taken at on the photo, this is called geotagging. For the sake of your privacy and protection of your family, you might want to turn off this feature. In the next section, we are going to walk through the process of turning off geotagging for iOS devices, Android devices are covered in the section after that.


First, open on the settings app on your device.

Next tap on Privacy

Then tap on Location Services

Select the Camera

Choose “Never” under Allow Access. 

You are done.

While you are looking at Location Services settings, look at the other applications on your device and decide whether or not you want them to have access to your location. Turning off location settings for any of these applications follow the same process you just did for the camera. 


Android devices have a number of different manufacturers, and as such the process for your specific device might be a little different. That being said, the process is similar enough that you should be able to follow one of the two processes listed below.

Via the camera app

Open the Camera app

Find the settings icon and click on it (it looks like a little cog)

Scroll down until you see the “Geotags" (or similar option, sometimes represented by a map or pin icon)

Then simply disable it and you are done

Via the Settings Menu

Tap on the settings icon as before

Tap on Settings (or the settings icon in the menu) to go to the settings window

Locate the Location tag option and tap on it

Select the off option in the popup to turn off geotagging.

That’s it, now your private information is just a little more Private.



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