This Is How We Roll Interview With: Mercedes Westbrook

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This is how we roll-with Mercedes Westbrook

Interview: South African Parents who love to spend quality time together. ThingsToDoWithKids is all about making family time fun- for adults too! Find out how some South African parents spend quality time together as a family and how they juggle it all.

Today we are going to get to know a little bit more about Mercedes Westbrook. Tanya (founder of Things to do with Kids) met Mercedes in her capacity as a media and marketing specialist. She was so inspired by their work relationship that she asked me to also interview Mercedes "behind the scenes" as a working, single mom. Mercedes, thank you for taking the time to share a little bit more about your juggle with us and our readers :) Charlene

Tell us more about you

Name and where are you from? 

My name is Mercedes Westbrook and I live in beautiful Cape Town

Describe your day under the theme "a day in the life of…

I am a single mom solely responsible for my three kids both financially and emotionally.

As a child- did your parents travel local and what is your favourite childhood holiday memory? 

We enjoyed family holidays in the Drakensberg Mountains in self-catering chalets and visits to a family farm in Kimberley

Tell us about your family 

I am a single mom with three children, two boys and a girl who is the youngest.


Things To Do With Kids | this is how we roll | interview | kids activities

Me and kids Ferris - Mercedes Westbrook

What is your favourite free local family activity? 

The beach, walking in the mountains, road trips and camping

Where is your favourite local family-friendly hangout? 

Fisherman's in Kommetjie where we enjoy a monthly outing for a meal together

Do you read to your kids? If so, what? 

Older books I enjoyed as a child or specific books I think they will understand

Your favourite mobile app for kids? 

Things to do with Kids, of course!

(Thank you, Mercedes :)

Parenting Hacks:

If you could share one TIP you use to make free time with family fun- what will it be? 

I make family activities or quality time spent with an individual child into a routine. Each child has one week 'on' which means they help me with all the chores for one week from helping me cook the meal, to washing dishes and walking the dog on the beach. This is time spent with me but tied into their list of duties around the house, I get to spend quality time with that particular child and they are learning how to look after themselves, cook and be responsible.

Where can people find you online? 

You can find me at Firehorse Media

Twitter: @FirehorseMedia1

What legacy would you like to leave your kids?

A sense of purpose and knowing how to enjoy work-play balance

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