Celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day - Reasons Why Moms are so Important

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Celebrating Mom this Mother’s Day

I remember getting into a fight with my mom when I was a ‘know-it-all’ teenager. I cannot remember the specifics but it was probably because I was upset about a curfew or something similar, and my mother, with tears in her eyes, simply said, ‘one day, when you have kids you will understand’.

At the time, I simply brushed off her words but the day my eldest son was born, once I had settled into the hospital bed with my new-born snuggly in my arms, I understood. I understood that overwhelming need to protect; that fierce, ever-growing, almost suffocating love; that intense adoration. I understood because I was now a mom and I was responsible for this innocent and defenceless little human being.

And then I was simply grateful, grateful that I had and still have the best mom for me; grateful that even though I am a mom myself, I can cuddle up next to my mom when I need it. Because, the truth is, my mom is my protector, the person who is always in my corner, the person I can rely on 100%. And that is, in essence, what makes a mom, a mom. That is the mom I strive to be, hoping against hope that one day when my kids are all grown up, they will come to me when they are having a bad (or good) day - that I can selflessly be there for them in whatever way they need me to.

In an attempt to show my gratitude for my mom I have put together a list of reasons why moms are the best. Although a complete list of reasons why moms are so important would be almost endless, here are my top 5:

Mothers Day | Celebrating Mom | Things to do with Kids

Reasons Why Moms are so Important  

  1. Moms are the Emotional Backbone of a Family

Moms provide the emotional centre, the rock if you will, around which a family is built. They ensure their family’s happiness and contentment.

  1. Moms Always have Our Best Interests at Heart

Although my mom does not always tell me what I want to hear, I know that she will always support me 100%. Her opinions and her advice are guaranteed to come from a place of unconditional love and her brutal truth is needed in a world of ‘fake’ praise.

  1. Moms will Sacrifice their own Happiness for the Happiness of their Children

Although it is imperative for moms to practice self-care, moms cannot seem to help but put the needs of their children above their own. I do this almost instinctively and I now know that my mom had to sacrifice a lot when we were younger.

  1. Moms Teach Us How to be Responsible Adults

This means that moms have to sometimes be hard, they have to teach discipline and respect and they have to set boundaries. This is not easy for the mom either but it is these hard lessons and boundaries which make us into better people.

  1. Moms Strive to be Our Guiding Light and our Protectors

Since becoming a mom, I have made it my responsibility to guide my kids, to love them, to play with them and to protect them. Although I do believe in teaching independence and I, therefore, try not to helicopter parent too much, I do believe that I brought them into this world and that their ‘everything’ (from happiness to learned values and discipline) is thus my responsibility. My mom was like that and still is to this day, with us too.

Mother’s Day is about showing appreciation for your mom and everything she is and does. It is therefore not about spending a lot of money but rather about quality time. Make your mom smile this Mother’s Day, show her how grateful you are that she is in your life.

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