What Zuma did Right

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One of the best things about being a parent is the privilege to be able to see the world through the eyes of a child, to see the world as someone with an uncorrupt soul, an unspoilt mind and a pure heart. My son sees everyone as equal, he doesn’t even notice the colour of someone’s skin and he definitely has no judgement of class or religion. It is so beautiful to be able to watch him interact with people I would have probably not even looked at in the past, and it is because of this that I try to make a conscious effort to move passed judgements, to ignore backgrounds and to focus only on the heart.


A Day of Protest

This last week has been a turbulent one for our beautiful country, a country divided by preconceived judgements, and it is at a time like this when we should take the lead from our children. A time when we should set aside individual backgrounds and opinions and focus on a greater good. This is the ideal time to decide on what legacy we want to leave behind, to become the example our kids need. They are the future, after all.

It is with an immense sense of pride and patriotism that I write this today because today is the day that our nation has decided to rise up, together, to fight for that greater good.

One thing that Zuma did right in these last few weeks was to become so brazen in his corrupt political agenda, his cronyism and his self-driven power struggles, that we, as a people, had no choice but to react, to disregard our racial, social, religious and ethnic backgrounds, our individual political opinions, and to stand together as one.

Because of him, we realised that we have a combined voice and that that voice is proudly South African.

We are one and we are South Africa. Good luck out there today - may today be the change our country so desperately needs.

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