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Christmas Gift Idea for Kids

In order to avoid the Christmas gift trap (buying a mountain of unnecessary Christmas gifts which end up being discarded into some lonely corner of the house after a month), a friend of mine told me the other day that when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for their kids, they place their purchasing focus on three ideas: something to play with, something to wear and something to read. This ensures that her children get something that entertains them and keeps them happy, something they need and something which contributes to their education. I love this idea and I have therefore decided to follow the same principle this year.

It was easy enough to find a suitable ‘entertainment’ and reading gift (here is some inspiration: ‘what to buy a child who has everything’), but finding that perfect item of clothing best suited as a special gift required some research. In the end, I was blown away by a pair of the newly launched Jimi Atrik shoes (designed for children aged 1 – 7) and here is why:


Christmas| Gift |Kids Footwear|Things to do with Kids

Buying shoes for kids can be tough – it definitely is not a case of buying the correct size and assuming it will fit. Kids' feet are all different and as parents, we, therefore, need to ensure that they wear shoes which fit them perfectly and which are comfortable (we all know how uncomfortable a shoe can be which does not fit properly after all). Kids are also very active (my little-big Bean never sits still!) and they, therefore, need shoes which support this active lifestyle.

The unique Gravity cushion fitted into the Jimi Atrik brand of shoes is lightweight and it conforms to each person’s unique foot shape which aids comfort and performance (Bean spontaneously started running around when we fitted our pair, shouting at the top of his voice “I run fast, I run fast, Mama!”).


Just because something is comfortable, it does not have to be ugly and I, for one, do want my child to have some style. He needs to be proud of the way he looks and that means that I need to dress him appropriately. 

Christmas| Gift |Kids Footwear|Things to do with Kids

The Jimi Atrik shoes are funky, varied and offer something for every taste. The space-themed designs offer something a little different from the usual athleisure shoe brands found in every shop and seeing as my little guy is somewhat space-mad at the moment, these shoes are the perfect fit.

Christmas| Gift |Kids Footwear|Things to do with Kids


This is always the biggest question on everybody’s mind when it comes to buying something for the kids, ‘Yes, it looks great, BUT, how much does it cost?!?’. And this is where the best part comes in: these shoes are super affordable as they retail for between R 300.00 and R 500.00 only. Plus, the quality is excellent so you can rest assured knowing that this gift will at least last (for as long as they fit anyway).

Christmas| Gift |Kids Footwear|Things to do with Kids

For more information on these fashionably forward and ‘speedy’ shoes, visit the Jimi Atrik Facebook Page here and find out where they can be bought here

Fellow blogger, Tanya, also recently tested these shoes and this is what she thinks: New Kids Footwear for Trendy, Healthy Families. These shoes even made her son run faster!

Enjoy this special, festive family time, dear readers. May you create many memorable moments!



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