New kids footwear for trendy, healthy, families

New kids footwear for trendy, healthy, families

It felt like Christmas yesterday, when boxes of shoes arrived from Katz Footwear- Jimi Atrik – the new brand on their portfolio of footwear labels. The kids and I opened them one by one and it was fun to see all the different designs and prints, each shoe with its own unique elements and theme around space, heavenly bodies and astronomical objects. 

Upon a recent visit to luxury hotel Arabella, my sister and I noticed that despite the star rating of this hotel {excuse the traditional mindset}, nine out of ten of their highly fashionable guests arrived in athleisure shoes. I stood amazed at the variety of sneakers and takkies, so comfortably worn with blinging jewelery and designer jackets. Active leisure is the latest trend- and I am discreetly happy about it! This means both you and your kids can look fashionable and still be comfortable, allowing children to run around and have fun – like it should be! (See how you can win a pair at the bottom of this blog)

"Athleisure is the new casual," Deirdre Clemente


Jimi Atrik is pitched as good quality and price on the magic quadrant, selling for R400- R500 per pair. You can buy the footwear from your nearest outlet, making use of the store locator on their website or email them directly if there is no store near you. Alexa, my family and I will be taking them around the city over the next few months – keep an eye on the blog and Instagram.


So the shoes are pretty, but are they comfortable?

I always try to buy shoes with a biggish shoe box and soft soles as it allows the foot to move according to its natural patterns. My boy loved the toddler design. It has no laces and is easily slipped on, similar to our last buy – this encourages independence in younger kids as they can proudly dress themselves.

Jimi Atrik Footwear for kids- buy shoes online

Photo: My youngest striking a pose 


Jimi Atrik footwear are soft, flexible and they have special air cushioning to assist in comfort and shock absorbance. Technology we first saw with NASA and Nike Air- do you remember putting on your first takkies (athleisure footwear) with air cushioning?  I do, but it was only in my early years at university. Now kids can experience this form early days. My three-year old said the shoes made him run FAST! 

Flexible soles, comfortable fit!.png

A - his last pair and B- Jimi Atrik - Flexible shoes with a comfortable fit, no laces.

Girls footwear- kids

My daughter- getting into character :) We loved the black with a touch of pink. 

Giveaway: Win your own pair of Jimi Atrik Shoes

As part of the Jimmy Atrik footwear launch they will be running a competition- to celebrate childhood, and the moments that will become memories. 20 Parents can win a pair of Jimi Atrik shoes valued at R400-R500. All you have to do is to share those moments with us and Jimi Atrik on Facebook - make sure you tag them, get your friends to like your post and hold thumbs! A pair of Jimmy Atriks may be docking at your house soon.

" Like a meteor, your child’s growth is rapid and exciting. At Jimi Atrik, we want to hear about those #MeteoricMoments and you could win!" 

1. Like Jimi Atrik Facebook Page
2. Share your moment via Facebook #MeteoricMoments e.g - "First day of school" or " Daddy and daughter bonding" (Tell us why it's special)
3. Get your friends & family to “vote” for your moment by liking your post
Posts with the most votes each week will win Jimi Atrik shoes! Competition runs 25 October - 6 December 2017 

Jimi Atrik Kids shoes online buy - Things To Do With Kids -

What are your thoughts on the product- let us know in comments below!


xx Tanya




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