My Top 5 Family Friendly Online Stores

My Top 5 Family Friendly Online Stores

Sitting in the comfort of my lounge, next to a roaring fireplace with a glass of wine in hand is my new favourite way to shop - especially during sale season. Gone are the days of braving the end of season sale chaos which erupts at every mall throughout the country, or the regular month-end shop-a-thon, standing in, what feels like 100-man-deep queues, with a screaming baby, just to buy to bread and milk for the week. No, I have found my new happy place and it’s called online shopping. Not only do I get to do all my shopping in my pj’s and slippers, I can do it in record time, which means I get to spend more time at the spa or having lunch with friends and family. For those of you, like me, who would prefer to invest their time on a Saturday creating memories rather than shopping, here is a list of my top 6 online stores, stocking everything a family could need (or want).


Spree stocks a fantastic selection of clothing, shoes and accessories for mom, dad and the children, with a large selection of fashion-forward brands available. They have something in every price range and they always have goods on sale (my favourite section on the website). Their website, and free app, is very user friendly - so user friendly, in fact, that I bought all my maternity wear from Spree. On the odd occasion when something ordered does not fit, they have a very efficient returns policy. All I do is notify Spree, they send the courier company to collect (I make sure it’s packaged properly, with the tags in place) and then they credit my account. Have I mentioned that Spree offers free delivery as well?


This store is a firm favourite among the men in my family. It has everything a man could want, from fashion accessories to gaming goods, general cool stuff (e.g. mugs, illuminating glasses, a beer system or an ostrich pillow), electronics, gadgets and health supplements. They even sell experiences, neatly categorised into adventure, lifestyle, driving and motorsport, romantic and more. If your husband, boyfriend, father, friend or any male in your life has not already bought the whole store, this is a great go-to site for gifts. They even offer free delivery for orders over R 499.00.

Gadgets from Mantality


This online store sells a little bit of everything (over 14 million products) and all the products are imported from the USA. If you want to start a new hobby, or are looking for the perfect gift or you just want to spoil yourself, go to this site. Their products range from baby goods, to books and dvds, to beauty products, to photographic equipment and they even have musical instruments available. They also currently have sign up and referral specials, including free delivery on your first order of three items or more.


My favourite store for anything pregnancy, baby and toddler related, BabyGroup also has a monthly subscription service with selected goodies for mom and child called BundleBox. Their personalised service is great, they have an easy to navigate returns policy and I even like reading their blog. Another bonus is that they often have goods on sale (have you noticed how much I love a good deal yet?) and they offer free delivery for orders over R 350.00.

Faithful to Nature 

As a mom to a little toddler and sister to a dairy and gluten intolerant sibling, I am acutely aware of and a little obsessed with healthy living. Sadly, healthy, environmentally-friendly and natural products including foods are quite hard to come by so I rely heavily on Faithful to Nature, an online health shop. Faithful to Nature stocks an extensive range of organic food (with ranges of gluten free, dairy free and banting / paleo options), health products, beauty products, baby and kids products and toys, as well as household goods. This is also a great store for eco-friendly gifts and they offer free delivery for orders over R 350.00.

Happy shopping dear readers! Is there a store you love?



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