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  • LG Smart Inverter | Washing Machine | Review
Just over seven years ago, Wessel and I got engaged. My mom, and her friend, excitedly told me that there are certain appliances that just make a marriage a happier marriage. It included a washing machine and dishwasher. As a newbie to this long-term commitment, I followed their advice and bought my first LG top loader washing machine and advised Wessel that he should bring the dishwasher. So with two old cars and two appliances, we entered this marriage. December 2010 Wessel and I had our fairytale ending, sleeping on the floor but at least our linen was clean. My mom and her friends probably new in these early days you don't mind where you sleep, its all about the ... cuddle. Our “happily ever after” soon included a couple of kids, a house in a friendly neighbourhood, a dog, and beds! All was well with the world.
We had no villain to fight, no dragon to kill, but if you do not watch out it is the little things that start to get to you and your household over time.  The tiny pieces of laundry my friends hung on a string at our baby shower looked so cute then, but when you actually start scrubbing and hanging 6 pegs per running meter, the picture is spoiled and you realise it may have been a prophecy of challenges to come:)  Children find new ways to ensure the ever-growing pile of washing keep getting larger, and harder to clean. The price of electricity keeps going up and in Cape Town, dam levels keep going down.

And then...

Then one day, after seven years of married life, our washing machine went on strike. It beeped, but no matter how many times we turned it off and back on again, the “PE” - pressure error according to Google - remained. We took is to the locally recommended machine repair workshop and they kept it for two weeks.
A broken washing machine is no laughing matter, a friend of ours even believe the breakdown of household appliances around the seven-year mark is the reason for the seven-year itch. We spent our days back at the tub, scrubbing and stomping and naturally I started looking for our next buy.

So LG called...

They wanted us to air our dirty laundry, in public that is (ok what they really wanted was for us to try and test and review their new washing machine). For our trouble, we got to keep the LG Smart Inverter 13 litre washing machine. It was my year end miracle, and not just in the movies that these things happen. Of course, I agreed.
LG Smart Inverter | Washing Machine | Review

Saving electricity and water:

The washing machine turned out to be a real lifesaver during the drought in Cape Town and the December rush, with family coming over. It had a few new functions that my previous version (also a 13litre) did not have. The LG Energy Saving with Smart Inverter Control eliminates wasted operations by efficiently controlling energy use. The machine’s volume is enough to deal with our day to day needs without wasting water, which became even more important in the light of the recent water restrictions in Cape Town.
50 Liter water use info-graphic Cape Town
With a more modern washing machine, we now save water on laundry and being a top-loader you could add grey water manually though it is not advised

Washing delicate clothing:

I no longer need to worry about washing delicates or jeans, the Smart Motion is 3 kinds of motions created by the Smart Inverter for optimized washing by fabric type. It is a major improvement on my previous machine and clothes do not come out stretched. 
Finally, the Turbo Drum™ enables the most powerful wash and removes even the toughest dirt through string water stream of rotating drum and pulsator in the opposite direction so you only need to wash once, no matter how dirty the load.
LG Smart Inverter | Washing Machine | Review
Just like that we no longer had to worry about errors and we could sell our now 8-year-old machine to a repairs company via Gumtree. Our electricity bill went down, and we are able to save enough water to stay within our household limitations set by the City of Cape Town. The children might even be better behaved now… or maybe not.
Thank you, LG for rescuing us from the seven-year itch! 
LG Smart Inverter | Washing Machine | Review
Image credit: LG Website - because mine didn't nearly look as fresh. #NeedSkills

Other things I love about the LG Smart Inverter:

Water level sensor- never using too much water
Delayed start- so you can set it to finish the load as you get up in the morning
Low noise operation (I have not discovered a silent button yet?)
If you are facing washing machine problems, or need to get a machine to better fit your decor, check out the Smart Inverter here  (15kg), or  (17kg) if you have a larger family.
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