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 Fun Science Kid’s party idea: Static electricity

You’ve got your kids party venue booked, the invites are sent out… now all you need is a party theme! How about a science party, filled with all sorts of fun and educational experiments? It’s actually easier to throw a science party than you may think, and the good news is that you don’t need to be a science whizz to ensure the kids all have a great time. In fact, some of the best experiments are the easiest. If you want to add a few science activities to the party also view these kids science experiments.


Why Throw a Science Party?

Not only do kids love science (it’s like magic!), but science is also a very important part of a child’s education. Why are science experiments important for kids? Because they allow for ‘hands on’ learning, or ‘experiential’ learning, which means that children learn through doing, rather than listening. This makes learning more fun, and really helps them to understand scientific concepts more easily.


There’s all sorts of experiments you can arrange for the kids to try out at the party, everything from learning how to make ice cream without a freezer to playing around with static electricity, so it’s well worth taking a look at some experiments and seeing which ones your kids would really love. If you need a little inspiration, here’s two quick and easy experiments that you can set up at your science party:

The experiment:

For this experiment, the kids will learn all about static electricity!

You will need:

  • One balloon or a plastic comb
  • Tissue paper


Let’s start!

  • Simply blow up a balloon.
  • Rub it on someone’s head (preferably someone with a lot of hair!) Or your jeans.
  • Then hover the balloon over some small pieces of tissue paper.


You’ll notice that the tissue paper ‘jumps’ up and attaches to the balloon. This is because the positive particles of the charged balloon attract the negative particles of the tissue paper. This also works with a plastic comb — just rub it on your head or your jumper to charge the particles. Have fun and stick the balloon to a wall too.

Science experiment kids party ideas| Things to do with kids

●      Magic Ice Cream

If you ask the children how to make ice cream, they’ll probably say that it needs to be put in a freezer, but does it? Mix together equal amounts cream and milk with a little sugar and vanilla and pour into a small resealable food bag. In a large resealable food bag, add lots of ice and salt (a very coarse salt is best, like rock salt). Put the ice cream bag inside the ice bag and keep the bag moving for about 10 minutes to freeze the cream — it’s going to be cold on the hands so the kids will want to take turns!


Designs, Decorations, and Party Food ideas for a Science Party

When it comes to decorations, there’s one thing you need to make sure of: that you have plenty of balloons blown up around the venue so the children can try out the static electricity experiment for themselves. Add different stations with a variety of easy science experiments. Let the kids dress up in white lab coats. As for party food, now is a great time to get creative! How about printing out labels for water bottles that say ‘H20’, or making ‘fruit atoms’ by joining grapes and raspberries together using cocktail sticks? And don’t forget — there should be some delicious homemade ice cream for pudding!

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