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I love reading. There is nothing better than to sit in a quiet sunny spot in the garden or the house (especially on a cold winter’s day) with a cup of tea, reading a good book. I also love books – the smell and feel of a new book, the promise of a new adventure, the chance to learn something new – and I have collected them ever since I can remember. When I fell pregnant, one of the first things I did was scratch out all my children’s books in the hope that my child will love this pastime as much as I do.  Books are, after all, the building blocks of a child’s education.

Bean is now 9 months old, and I am happy to say, he loves his books. Especially the little cardboard books with the touch and feel elements and more than looking at the pictures and listening to my story, he loves turning the pages (thank goodness, cardboard doesn’t tear) and so it has recently become my mission to buy these age appropriate books for him in the hope that he will start his own book collection one day. Also, my own paper paged books are a little too grown up for him at this stage.  However, finding age appropriate, good quality, books on a regular basis was quite challenging until I heard about Kids Book Club.


The Low Down

Kids Book Club is an online book subscription service for children aged 0-9 years and they deliver good quality, age appropriate educational, activity and reading books to your door (so convenient) every month. Each delivery includes:

  • 2  x children’s books

  • a backdated magazine for mom or dad (wonderful added bonus)

  • a free themed carry bag (as per the monthly theme)

  • access to 20 free activity and colouring worksheets as well as a themed craft and a certificate for once the craft has been completed

In addition to the above, a portion of the monthly fee is donated to Bokamoso Educational Trust.

I was pleased to find that the monthly cost for this amazing service is only R 160.00, which includes the courier delivery. On top of this, it is possible to get subscriptions for my (hopefully) future children at a discounted rate: 2nd child costs R 109.00 per month and the third child will only cost R 99.00 per month. The books supplied are not traditional bedtime story books but are rather educational and activity focused, designed to stimulate rather than to relax. I, however,  wanted an additional story book to be included and all I had to do was add a “Reader” to my order. This “Reader” option only costs an additional R 99.00 per month.

The books included in the monthly delivery, are carefully hand-picked by the owner of Kids Book Club and fellow momtrepreneur, Nadine Kann, together with the publishers of the books, with a focus on educating young minds -  making an impact in our lives as well as in the lives of our children.

Signing up with Kids Book Club

Signing up for this service was quick and easy, all I needed to do was to go onto the Kids Book Club website, create an account, choose the age appropriate subscription option for my child and enter my child’s age and gender (to ensure that the best possible book options are sent). Payment is done via debit order - easy and convenient. Important to note here, is that although the subscription does auto renew every month,  saving you time and effort, it can be cancelled at any time.

Once you have signed up for the subscription, you can use your membership details to download the free activity and colouring worksheets as well as the themed certificate. The books are shipped on the 10th of every month (as the books are hand-picked)  which means that the books will be delivered from the 12th of every month onwards (depending on the courier and where in South Africa you are situated).

My Experience

I am very impressed with the quality of the books. Come the middle of the month, I wait in excited anticipation for our delivery. Not only do these books offer a special bonding opportunity for my child and me, every new month now brings with it a new surprise gift – a gift which helps grow my child’s vocabulary, imagination and knowledge of the world.


Reading is a great way for parents to spend time with their little ones. Win a 2 month Kidsbookclub subscription for you and your bestie. Go to our Facebook page, tag the friend that you will share your winnings with (not the same household or residence), then go to our win page for more details. Good Luck!

Regards Alexa

For more information please visit: KidsBookClub

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