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As a parent, you want your children's lives to be full of unique experiences, fun activities and memorable moments. However, life tends to get in the way and when the weekend comes, you and your family end up at the same old boring places. As parents ourselves, we know how difficult it is discovering new places each weekend especially whilst keeping your children entertained. We love being able to wine and dine with our friends whilst the kids are having fun and being entertained as well. This idea inspired us to develop the With Kids mobile app. We wanted to find family friendly things to do that not only our kids would enjoy but us as parents too.


The With Kids mobile app is free to download and a fun filled family resource, jam packed with endless kid-friendly activities, restaurants and events for the whole family to enjoy. The app helps you to quickly find what you’re looking for through advanced search filters.


Use the app to plan your weekend or holiday by saving activities or destinations to your bucket list. The app has GPS functionality, enabling you to easily locate activities nearby. The integration with Google Maps makes navigating to places such a breeze; guaranteeing that you are never left stranded or lost.  Venues on the app have ratings and a notes section, helping you choose the best place to spend your time with the kids. “It is a great app and very useful. Always looking for places you can enjoy yourself with friends and kids are welcome,” says Cecile Van der Merwe who has been using the app for both herself and her family. From incredible museums to our beautiful parks, beaches, and music festivals, there is something sure to please the child in everyone. In fact, you won’t believe how many activities and fun things listed on the Things to do with kids mobile app are absolutely free. No matter where in South Africa you are, you are guaranteed to find something amazing to do. The With Kids app lists a wide range of places to visit and things to see. From amazing craft beer festivals to dad friendly activities, there is something to keep everyone happy.

We love spoiling our hardworking and busy parents with stunning competitions all the time. There are always prizes to giveaway and entering via the mobile app is not only easy and convenient but it automatically doubles your chances of winning. We think that’s pretty cool! Once you have downloaded the app, keep an eye out for our real life treasure hunts, vouchers and other specials we offer from time to time.


If you haven’t downloaded the Things to do with kids mobile app onto your Android smartphone, then don’t wait any longer. It’s pretty simple and will only take a few seconds. Open up the Google Play store on your phone, search for “With Kids”, click download and voila, you now have the app on your phone. Enjoy.

With Kids mobile app on android



For more information please visit: With Kids Mobile App

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