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Organizing my boy's birthday parties and loving it, I realized how much time it takes. This is not a luxury available to most parents. Thus Fantasia Kiddy Parties & Costumes started. Contact us for an individualized quote.

When it comes to finding the right entertainment to dazzle your guests and create a truly memorable experience, Fantasia Kiddy Parties & Costumes are here to enhance the theme of your event and add a unique touch. Fantasia Kiddy Parties & Costumes have endless ideas to deliver top-notch entertainment, giving your family and friends an oppertunity to remember this special occasion for years to come. 

From selecting the perfect venue to an imaginative theme, we take care of every detail to make your event a stress free, seamlessly managed occasion. The right venue goes a long way towards setting the tone for an event, but it's the dècor that allows us to create an atmosphere, alter perception and set the stage for something spectacular. Give a child a themed outfit and see them transform into that caracter in an instant! 

 Let us take the effort out of planning your child's birthday party leaving you to only enjoy the day with your child.

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