Cool stuff at CTSC during March/April Holidays

Cool stuff at CTSC during March/April Holidays Holiday Programs

18 March 2016 - 31 March 2016

Cape Town Science Centre
excursions activities

Age Groups

  • 5-9
  • 10-12
  • 13+

Cool stuff at CTSC during March/April Holidays 


The Cape Town Science Centre will be hosting an array of activities to keep their visitors inspired and enthused over the March/April holidays.


Activities include but not limited to:


BuBBles, BuBBles, BuBBles (Age 6+ • entry fee + R5): Big, small and long bubbles! Learn how to make an awesome bubble mixture and create bubbles of all shapes and sizes.

DNA extrActioN (Age 6+ • entry fee only): Take a closer look at the DNA (building blocks) of a bean.

DeNsity tower (Age 6+ • entry fee + R5): Is water heavier than oil? Discover which liquids are heavier than others while making a layered liquid tower.

eggcelleNt Drop (Family friendly • entry fee only): Use your eggspertise to build a capsule and protect your egg from the great fall.

eggsActly gAMe show (Family friendly • entry fee only): Put your general knowledge to the test and be the Eggsactly Game Show Champion.

egg huNt (Family friendly • entry fee only): Scurry around the CTSC exhibition floor solving clues and unlocking the eggs. The Ultimate Egg Hunt!

gArDeN iN A Bottle (Age 8+ • entry fee + R10): You can be fancy and call it a terrarium but in simple terms it is a garden in a bottle. Make your own garden in a bottle to take home and see how it grows.

glowiNg wAter (Age 6+ • entry fee + R5): Discover how using two simple things you can find at home can create something pretty awesome.

heAlthy cookiNg (Age 6+ • entry fee + R20): Put your cooking skills to the test and create a yummy treat out of something unexpected.

NewtoN’s Bucket (Age 6+ • entry fee only): Join in the fun and discover true rotational motion by using a bucket of water.

seeD gerMiNAtioN (Age 7+ • entry fee only): Discover how to germinate a seed and watch it grow, track its growth and stand a chance to win an awesome prize.

VolcANo egg (Family friendly • entry fee + R5): Ever wanted to make breakfast interesting? Submerge a boiled egg in a volcano and watch the wonders of science.

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