Top 7 Pizza Places Near George

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When you crave pizza, make sure you go to the right place.  This is our guide to the best places to find pizza in and around George.

If you are really into pizza, we challenge you to not only use this as a guide, but a checklist.  Then take some pictures and share your best favourites on our facebook page under the link to this post.

1. Road Side Deli Outeniqua Pass (AKA Roadside Pizza Hut)

The best kept secret also has the best pizza.  Just over the mountain in the Outeniqua pass, you find the Roadside Pizza Hut.  Most tourists do not know about this place. To you it might look like a regular "Padstal" but the locals go there when they are in the mood for great pizza. Tip: bring your own alcohol, they offer an outdoor kids play area and seating nearby.

pizza woodfired pizza near george with kids play area

2. La Capannina

Next to the old Slave Tree in York Street, you will find a unique dining experience.  One word, Traditional.  This is Italian food the way it is supposed to be. If there is one place to have pizza in George, this is it.

3. King Fisher Seafood Restaurant

King Fisher is the best seafood restaurant in town.  So if you are in the mood for a seafood pizza, this is the place to go.  Just make sure you make a reservation, they often run out of space.

4. Primi Piatti

Primi Piatti is on the corner of the two main roads in George (York Street and Courtenay Street). Being part of the Primi franchise, you can expect the same quality as in the big city. Primi Piatti George offer indoor crafts and baking, as well as an outdoor kids play area and outdoor seating.

Kids party venue george garden route primi piatti

5. Foo Bar Cafe

They are in the Heather Park shopping centre. Their quaint venue, with friendly service, and great pizza is a must for the adventurous. It is a welcome break from the usual franchised pizza restaurants.

6. Pappa G's

When it rains in the Garden Route, which it regularly does, take your family 10 pin bowling.  When you are done order the Quattro Stagioni pizza at Pappa G's. Update: They not only offer 10 Pin Bowling at the venue but you can also try your hand at putt-putt.

7. Romans Pizza

With Romans Pizza, you get what you expect.  They do offer the same thin base and pan fried options throughout the country.  If you want to play it safe, and fill some bellies, they are in York Street.  Call and collect, it is that easy.

Did we leave out a really great place? Some hidden gems not on our list? Let us know on facebook or on twitter

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