Owen's first birthday party - Rainbows

Parties have developed a lot since we were kids. Backyards get smaller and available time much less due to work, so we often resort to a kids party venue nearby. First birthday parties, however, are always a challenge as we tend to be entertaining parents and not so much the kids. I have found that babies are also often way more comfortable at home than at a venue at this young age- plus they can take a nap while friends and family carry on celebrating. Today we feature a new family and events photographer Beatrix Wells, Gauteng. If you have been following our blog you will remember we recently dedicated a blog to her and her family on fun things to do in Pretoria under R200.00. Beatrix recently moved to Pretoria and decided to use the opportunity to pursue her lifelong hobby of capturing memories on camera. Check out her website by using the link below to book your special shoot!

xx Tanya

"This was my best birthday party ever. The kids have so much fun, however, I am not too sure if the birthday boy's mom had more fun preparing for this big occasion. Beautiful bright colours filled the tables and garden, there was a rainbow where ever you looked. The day was filled with joy, fun and love and so much effort went into making this a special day. It was a beautiful sunny day and I loved every moment taking photos of Owen's first birthday party. So many memories to keep and moments to share".- Beatrix Wells Photography, Gauteng

Rainbow cookies

These homemade cookies were as delicious as they are beautiful.

Taking a minute to myself

Owen enjoys being outside, this is such a precious moment where he enjoyed lying next to his mom. He was taking in the moment.

Fun for all, from young to old

I loved how they played with toys Owen knows and are familiar with. Everyone participated in the fun, from pulling the kids around to throwing the balls all over the garden. No one felt left out.

Grandparents are the best

I captured this special moment of Granny and the birthday boy. "Those times that you feel like you can just eat them up, they are so sweet."

Fun in the sun

Just a small birds eye view of how we enjoyed the time together.

Family portrait

Family is the best and this family love each other so much.

Flower decoration with proteas

Every last detail was beautiful.

Pro Tip

Chose the photographer that will best capture your moments and not just another picture.

Learn more about Beatrix Wells Photography, Pretoria

I am a passionate photographer who loves to capture moments in order to leave behind a legacy of stories for family and friends to enjoy and remember. This idea of storyline photography grew on me when my mom wrote a story for her grandchildren about her journey to skydive on her 60th birthday. My two boys enjoyed it so much and now we have not just the memories to hold on to but her storybook as well.

I am a horse fanatic and as an adventurous family we spend a lot of time outdoors doing fun things; building ramps for the bikes/skateboard, feeding fish at the dam, playing in the garden and we even do some baking. My children are precious to me and I enjoy taking photos of them during these fun times in nature. Family is an important part of my life and the moments we share has to be displayed, to tell our stories and for the kids to cherish. The more I can be surrounded by friends, family and animals the better. I find joy in capturing these times together for both myself and my clients. 

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