Kids Ahoy! Discover the V&A; Waterfront this Holiday

Kids Ahoy! Discover the V&A; Waterfront this Holiday

Kids Ahoy! Discover the V&A Waterfront this Holiday

Schools are closing this week (can you believe we have reached this part of the year already?!?) and it’s time for a holiday, woop! Holidays are the perfect time to reconnect and bond as a family -  everyone is relaxed, the stresses of work and school forgotten, with laughter and joy bouncing in their eyes, it is no wonder I am so excited. 

Even though it’s the middle of winter, the V&A Waterfront has the most amazing and fun-filled family adventures and activities planned that our family holiday bucket list is now complete! There is even a super-awesome competition where you can win R2000.00 to spend at any of V&A Waterfront retailers (be sure to keep an eye on our social media channels to find out more!).


WIN R2000

- share your photo of a #KidsAhoy holiday outing and stand a chance to win R2000.00 - details to enter here!

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Holiday Activities at the V&A Waterfront

‘Despicable Me’ Meet & Greet

School Holidays|Activities & Excursions|Things to do with Kids

Yes, you read right: Gru and Minion Mel are set to visit the V&A Waterfront, where you (and your own minions) can meet, greet and have your own personal photos taken with these popular characters. Yay!

Be sure to complete the day with a trip to the movies where you can see the latest Despicable Me 3, launching on the 30.06.2017.

When: 09.07.2017 | 15h30 – 18h30

Where: Amphitheatre, V&A Waterfront

Contact: 021 408 7600 |

Cost: FREE

Memorable Ice Skating at Fantasy Skate

Things to do in Cape Town With Kids This school holiday

Whenever I think of winter, my mind conjures up romantic and fun-filled scenes of families, ice skating on a lake, surrounded by snow, somewhere in Europe or the USA. Unfortunately, we do not have snow (although who is really complaining taking into account our glorious South African weather?!?), but we do have the first outdoor synthetic ice rink in South Africa, thanks to the innovative V&A Waterfront. So, put on those skates and glide and swirl and twirl at Fantasy Skate. It’s bound to be a day to remember. Not suitable for kids under the age of 4.

When: 01.07.2017 – 31.10.2017 | Week Days: 11h00 – 18h00 | Weekends: 10h00 – 19h00

Where: Pierhead (next to the swing bridge), V&A Waterfront

Contact: 021 408 7600 |

Cost: R 30.00 per 20min slot (price includes skate rental, optional socks available at R 12.00)

Map of kids activities in Cape Town this School holiday

Pump Track

School Holidays|Activities & Excursions|Things to do with Kids

Test your wheel & pedal skills on this state-of-the-art track designed for all skill levels, to strict safety standards. This thrilling activity can be enjoyed on any size bicycle (eg.: balance bike, kid bike or BMX) as well as any small wheeled equipment, such as skateboards, inline skates and scooters.

When: 01.07.2017 – 23.07.2017 | 10h30 - 17h00

Where: Quays Deck, V&A Waterfront

Contact: 021 408 7600 |

Cost: R 75.00 (tickets can be bought at the door)

A Stargazing Experience

I remember, as a child, lying in our garden, staring up at the stars for hours at a time, wondering what exactly is out there. The V&A Waterfront is hosting a free-to-attend stargazing event, when visitors can enjoy live telescope views of those mysterious heavenly bodies which surround our planet. The date was specifically chosen to ensure the best viewing and it is the perfect excursion for the inner astronomer and romantic wanting to learn more about our fascinating universe.

When: 01.07.2017| 15h00 – 21h30

Where: Pierhead (next to the swing bridge), V&A Waterfront

Contact: 021 408 7600 |

Cost: FREE

Kids Studio: From Farm to Family

School Holidays|Activities & Excursions|Things to do with Kids

I am super-excited about this interactive learning event which houses such important life lessons: teaching kids about where our food comes from (no, not from a supermarket) as well as healthy eating. Cape Town based Studio-H designed this five-part journey, based on five pillars: (1) Discover, (2) Learn, (3) Grow, (4) Taste, (5) Share, each step showcasing a specific activity and lesson, which even includes making a face mask from food.

When: 04.07.2017 – 17.07.2017 | 11h30 – 13h30 | 14h30 – 16h00 | 16h30 – 18h00

Where: Centre Court, Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre

Contact: 021 417 1162 |

Cost: R 30.00 per child | R 50.00 for two children

Jaw-dropping 3D Illusions at Incredible Illusions

The incredible illusions created by master artist Kurt Wenner are well-known throughout the world (think of the amazing pavement art captured on the streets of New York) and are set to enthral and fascinate the entire family. Expect a captivating gallery of 360° 3D illustrations, humorous and adventurous images, as well as an interactive ‘art jamming’ zone where you can learn to create your own 3D art.

When: 04.04.2017 – 23.07.2017 | 10h00 – 19h00

Where: The Watershed, V&A Waterfront


             021 408 7600 |


Price categories



Adults (18 years and older)

R 135 per person

R 180 per person

Youth (6 to 17 years)

R 100 per person

R 120 per person

Children (5 years and under)



Family (2 adults & 2 youths OR 1 adult & 3 youths)

R 390 per family

R 480 per family

Group (10+ people)

R 100 per person


School group (10+ learners)

R 80 per person


PLAY-DOH Kitchen Creations Junior Chef Competition

One of our favourite activities at home is spending time in the kitchen, baking or cooking. My son runs through the house, excitedly exclaiming ‘Mama and Bean are baking now’ whenever he sees me unpack the mixing bowl from the cupboard. It’s very cute.

This junior chef competition, sponsored by Hamleys, is ideal for families like ours (with little budding master chefs) and allows your kids to put their creativity to the test using PLAY-DOH.

The prize is a Kitchen Creations set.

When: 18.07.2017 – 24.07.2017 | 10h00 – 18h00

Where: Centre Court, Victoria Wharf Shopping Centre

Contact: 021 408 7600 |

Cost: FREE


Have a great holiday all!


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