Gauteng’s Wine Route

Gauteng has a Wine Route!

Yes, you read correctly and for additional effect I will repeat this oh-so-exciting tidbit: GAUTENG HAS A WINE ROUTE! Gone are the days where we have to travel all the way to the fair Cape to enjoy some good old South African wine tasting - we can now enjoy this fun, indulgent and delicious pastime in our very own province, more specifically in the Vaal River Meander. This amazing new attraction is called the Vaal River Meander Wine Route and it is a beacon of light during Gauteng’s dreary, dry and brown winter months.

Wine Route Specifics:

Ok, so before you get too excited, Gauteng of course does not have its own extensive network of wine farms, but from the 26th July - 21st August 2016, winemakers from all over the country will pair up with various venues in the Vaal River Meander, each venue offering a selection of wine tasting options. This amazingly costs only R 20.00 for 8 wines and R 40.00 for the specific venue’s entire wine selection.

There are numerous exhilarating ‘add-ons’ available which include: a tour of the classic car museum, cruising wine tasting luncheons, wine tastings while being pampered at a spa, kids entertainment and activities, a traditional Shisanyama and of course a variety of wine pairings (from food and wine, to chocolate and wine, fondue and wine and much much more).

The Wine Route can be experienced in your own car or you can choose from a selection of  available modes of transport: vintage cars, houseboats, cruisers, taxi’s (water and land), mini busses and busses (I can already see myself in a vintage cabriolet, scarf blowing in the wind behind me, enjoying the views of the Vaal river).

In order to take part in this fantastic event, all you need to do is buy a Vaal Wine Route Passport at one of the participating venues (these range from pubs, cigar lounges, fine dining restaurants and riverside hotels to pretty little country style venues), which includes a map of the route, coupons, and a list of what each venue is offering as well as all the specials available.

For those of you (like me) who would like to make a weekend getaway out of this excursion, there are also accommodation packages available.

Participating Wines & Venues:

  1. Altydgedacht - Makro Vaal

  2. Alvis Drift - Loch Vaal Hotel

  3. Ayama -Waterfront Country Lodge

  4. Bayedei - Merchant Business Class Hotel

  5. Bella Vino - Stonehaven on Vaal

  6. Blaauwklippen - Shakespeare Inn

  7. de Krans - Shakespeare Inn

  8. Delheim - Riverside Sun

  9. Fish Hoek - Riverside Sun

  10. Flagstone - The Shack

  11. Four Cousins - Midcorner Shisyama

  12. Glen Elley - Makro Vaal

  13. Klawer - Shakespeare Inn

  14. Kleine Zalze - Waterfront Country Lodge

  15. Kumala - The Shack

  16. KWV - Loch Vaal Hotel

  17. L' Ormarins - Merchant Business Class Hotel

  18. La Couronne Wines - Stonehaven on Vaal

  19. Landskroon - Emerald Resort & Casino

  20. Landzicht Wines - The Art Farm

  21. Landzicht - Loch Vaal Hotel

  22. le Pommier -BON Hotel Riviera on Vaal

  23. Le Riche - Loch Vaal Hotel

  24. Merridian - Model Bottle Store

  25. Morgenhof - Makro Vaal

  26. Muratie - Stonehaven on Vaal

  27. Neil Ellis - Stonehaven on Vaal

  28. Ode Kaap - Makro Vaal

  29. Overgaauw - Makro Vaal

  30. Pandora's Box - Stonehaven on Vaal

  31. Protea Wines - BON Hotel Riviera on Vaal

  32. Riebeek Cellars - Liquid Lounge

  33. Riverside - Makro Vaal

  34. Robertsons - Lefelong Café

  35. Spier - Emerald Resort & Casino

  36. Terra Del Capo - Merchant Business Class Hotel

  37. The Berrio - Waterfront Country Lodge

  38. Tulbach - The Art Farm

  39. Van Loveren - Montagues

  40. Warwick - Riverside Sun

  41. Zandvliet - Makro

For more information, you can contact each of the venues here or visit the Vaal River Meander Wine Route homepage here.

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