Free for kids

Free for kids

Free things to do with kids around Cape Town

I remember asking my older sister what to budget per child once you have them; she gave me a quick sum including the basics like food, medical care and clothing. Little did I realise it didn’t include any costs for travelling and entertainment- my favourite two things. (I want to need it?) Flying with two kids all of a sudden became R2000 times four, they are so tiny yet they cost so much!! So this is why I am sharing this quick post- Stuff where kids can tag along for freeeee! Click on the link for more detail.

Cable Way Kids season Two children under 18 ride for free with every adult return ticket purchase. Table Mountain Café, on the top of the mountain, offers the Kidz Season Café Special. You could also take a picnic basket up and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

City Sightseeing Bus Two kids under the age of 18 can travel for free on the hop-on, hop off bus or the Canal Cruise boat with any paying adult. (Johannesburg - more details here)

Cape Point also offers kids a free ride and meal for the June/July holidays - please consult them for the terms.

If you plan on staying at home - see our other blogs for ideas.



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