DIY Valentine’s Ideas for Families - Idea 5

DIY Valentine’s Ideas for Families - Idea 5

Did you know that there are 5 love languages according to Gary D. Chapman. If you do not know them, yet they are:

Words of affirmation

Acts of service

Affection - Physical Touch

Quality Time


If you do not know your love languages, you can do this test:

If your partner’s love language is words of affirmation DIY tip 3 covers it.

If it is receiving gifts you can still tell your loved one you have a gift planned, a voucher, or a budget, and spoil them at the mall, or create a little something yourself.

For quality time, look to DIY ideas one and two, but calling in the help of a babysitter might be a good idea.

Physical touch - add some hugs and cuddling, and perhaps a massage to idea 1 and 2, because idea 3 (which focuses on physical touch) might not be the kind of touch your partner needs.

For someone who values acts of service above all, doing their chores for them might be the best way to let them know you adore them.

If all of this did not work on the 14th try again on the 15th.

Happy Valentine's day for you and your family.


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