{awarded} Win a copy of The Treasure at Coyote Shore by 11 year old author, Emilie Langenegger

The wind howled and the waves of the dark ocean crashed against the dunes at Coyote Shore. The streetlights were out and thunderous lightning bolts struck the air
just above the abandoned cottages and houses. Arthur sat on an old couch, puffing on a cigarette and watching the waves roll in. His old cottage creaked in the
tempestuous wind, but he didn’t seem to mind. He stared off, lost in the thoughts of his horrible past…

About the Author

Emilie is an eleven-year-old girl with a zest for life. She lives in Cape Town with her family and loves having fun with her cousins
and friends. Ball sports, horseriding, reading and writing are but a few of her hobbies. Emilie loves all animals, especially horses. She has
written many stories, but this will be the first one published…

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