Pooh Bear + Friends party by Janelle Sheehan Photography

Pooh Bear + Friends party by Janelle Sheenan Photography
Janelle Sheehan Photography & Design
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Pooh bear & Friends
His parents home

Welcome to Janelle Sheehan Kids party photography feature

This kids party celebration was held for a one year old boy in Gauteng, under the party theme "Pooh Bear and Friends". Even spiderman came to say "Hi!" Thank you to Janelle for sharing this private party with us!

From the pen of Janelle Sheehan Photography - Gauteng

What are little boys are made of? Passion, fun and loads of energy, this is what little boys are made of:) When I was asked to capture this little boy's 1st birthday, I was pleasantly surprised to find such a sweet, kind, fun & energetic little boy. I loved every minute of it. With all his family and friends around at his home, where he felt comfortable, it was the perfect 1st birthday a little boy could ask for. 

"You will not remember the flavor of your first birthday cake but you will always be able to feel the warmth and love of your parents that went into making it." 

Happy 1st Birthday Munashe X

Photography Gadgets:

Janelle used a Nikon to capture these memories for Munashe and his friends. 

Kids Party Photographer | Janelle Sheehan | Things to do with kids

Good old hula hoop kept them busy for hours, especially the little girls. Loads of competitions were held.

Kids Party Photographer | Janelle Sheehan | Things to do with kids

Bubbles large and small were enveloping us from everywhere... so much fun was had by all..

Kids Party Photographer | Janelle Sheehan | Things to do with kids

Face painted and loving the bday party treats...

Janelle Sheehan Photography

Munashe was showered with loads of kisses and hugs from all his famoliy friends and cousins and the little girls wouldnt leave him alone...he is so cute though.

Kids Party Photographer | Janelle Sheehan | Things to do with kids

Just having a quick spiderman power rest, with a smile on his dial...

Kids Party Photographer | Janelle Sheehan | Things to do with kids

This was such a special stunning birthday themed cake of Pooh Bear and all his friends...

Kids Party Photographer | Janelle Sheehan | Things to do with kids

Found this little one hiding in a barrel - happy to have a picture taken whilst chilling at the party.

Pro Tip:

Top Tip: 
If I could give any kind of advice it would be to get a good photographer for the day. Firstly so you can relax and be in the pictures, as the person taking them never is and it's generally the parents taking the pictures. Secondly, so that you as the parents can enjoy the day without having to worry about getting the right shots, leave that up to a professional. And thirdly, but most importantly, so that one day, when your kids grow up, they can see you in the pictures and that these pictures are decent, visually stimulating, in focus, gorgeous shots, captured forever to remember perfectly, exactly as the day unfolded.- Janelle

About Janelle Sheehan Photography

I am simple, yet complicated, I know what I want & don't stop until I get it, then my goalpost is repositioned & I move onto the next thing.Life is short, live it to the fullest. I, therefore, put all my focus on the job at hand, creatively and capture it through my wild imagination. I love kids, animals, and people in general. I have been in the photographic business for over 16 years and started off in a child-friendly studio, probably where my love for kids and all the patience is the world stems from. I am a very passionate person and it can be seen in my work. I photograph everything from kids, birthday parties(young and old), families, maternity and newborn. I also do corporate photography,  weddings and recently got involved in Aerial with Drone photography- latest toy. So I'm basically an all rounder. So once you and your family get to know me, I can help you with all your photographic requirements. Visit my website to see more of my portfolio.

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