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Inexpensive outdoor activities for families with kids in Johannesburg
Did the end of your money arrive before the end of your month? Not to worry, Alexa has put together 6 Johannesburg-based family outings and activities that are under R100! Read More
Taking a long trip to your next holiday destination can be exhausting, especially if you did not come prepared. Here are 7 of my favourite road trip games to play in the car, and keep the minds off the "Are we there yet?" Read More
Kids party idea: Make your own snow
I love this article featured in the winter edition of Things to do with kids magazine. You can use this activity to teach your kids about snow, where it comes from, and then make a real life imitation. It can add a little flair to your Frozen birthday party theme together with our snowman cookies and ice castle.  Read More
Kids party ideas: Melting Olaf snowman cookies
Did the rainy weather catch you off guard? Or are you a mommy, working long hard hours with little time to prepare party treats? Make these easy “melting snowman” cookies as  a indoor  family pastime activity. You can add to the fun by letting everyone make a snowman representing themselves or their family. Read More
skidz educational boxes

Skidz educational boxes

  • Posted By: Alexa Gerrard
‘Great, you are awake and you are oh-so-adorable, but what do I do with you?’ I said to Bean while he was lying in his little crib, smiling at me. He had just been fed, I had changed his nappy, he had had a good kick on his playmat and while my little newborn would normally have gone back to sleep by now, Bean was lying wide awake, staring at me in anticipation as if to say, ‘what’s next, Mom?’ Read More
Boys kids party ideas
Kids Party theme: Travel & Transport Read More
Welcome to the Spring 2015 edition of Things to Do With Kids. Read More

Home Made Pineapple Beer

  • Posted By: Tanya
I always knew about truly South African ginger beer, but then my friend from Pretoria introduced Pineapple Beer. Read More
Blouberg beach has a majestic postcard view of Table Mountain and, with the new road, quick access to the N7 and Read More