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Modern parenting is demanding. Parents are becoming more desperate for downtime but are riddled with guilt as they switch on the TV for the kids to free up half an hour for making dinner. Media warns parents about the havoc that screen time can wreck upon our children and we end up feeling overwhelmed. We cannot deny the attraction children have for these screens, but we can find peace of mind knowing it’s possible for them to learn while they play.

About Xander Apps

Xander Apps | Educational Apps | for young children

Finally, local children can learn-through-play and engage with healthy technology in their own languages. Designed by a team of professionals, who are also parents, to give parents peace of mind knowing they’ve embraced modern technology that is also good for their children. Xander apps support privacy and high-quality, they are free from in-app purchases and advertising. 

Choose from a variety of apps including 123, Shapes & Colours, Spelling, and much more to develop fine-motor skills, sorting, matching, rhyming, literacy, numeracy, and pattern recognition.

Download apps in Afrikaans, English, Zulu, Xhosa, Tswana, Sotho, Swahili or Shona. 

Xander Apps | Educational Apps | for young children

Meet Xander, the little dinosaur who loves teaching kids. Xander is a range of educational apps for young children in local languages. Xander apps are award-winning educational mobile solutions that have achieved over 780 000 downloads and are trusted by parents since 2014. They have been designed to support early learning and are developed by experienced specialists who are parents themselves. 

Guide to healthy online behaviour

Parents can use this opportunity to teach older children about internet safety from a young age. Help them find good apps that have a beautiful sound, simple graphics that work intuitively and make children aware of in-app purchases, advertisements, content that is not age appropriate, using too much data or giving personal information.

It’s easy to relax and enjoy some quiet time when we know that our children are engaging with healthy, interactive technology. They’ll be practicing fine-motor skills, feeling empowered at being able to navigate independently instead of just watching a screen passively.

Xander Apps | Educational Apps | for young children

Xander Awards

Xander apps are two-time finalists at the AppsAfrica Awards and MTN App of the Year Awards and won “Best Kids App” in the Silicon Beach App Awards. 

Xander Afrikaans Apps | Educational Apps | Things to do with kids



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