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Split Second Science - Shows & Workshops, Brackenfell, Cape Town 

Split Second Science hosts and facilitates shows & workshops aimed at generating a scientific curiosity in children and teenagers, through edutainment. 

Birthday Parties

Split Second Science mobile birthday parties are aimed to provide children with 60 minutes of non-stop science fun and parents the opportunity to enjoy the party as much as the children.

Our unique science kits have been designed to ensure that children enjoy themselves, while still being safe.

Each kit contains three experiments with all the required chemicals and equipment to make their own sherbet, lava lamp and goo. All the experiments can be used multiple times, thus providing the child with a prolonged science experience. All three completed experiments are taken home in a party pack. 

A creative scientist will, step-by-step, take the kids through the 3 experiments, provide them with interesting information and will do four interactive experiments with dry ice for the kids before and after the 3 experiments.

What are are the costs for a birthday party?

A base fee of R 1500 includes tables, chairs, tablecloths, chemicals, set-up and pack up and professional fee.

A kit is then added for each participant at R 150 per kit per participant.

This is suitable for ages 7 and up. 

For more than 10 kids attending the party, a lab assistant is required which has a fee of R 150 for the party to ensure that our service runs smoothly and efficiently. 

We have a travel fee of R 3.50 per kilometre outside of 20 km's from the Cape Gate area. 

One of our main concerns is safety. In accordance with this, each participant will get a lab coat and gloves to use for the duration of the DIY Science Session.

Together with this, the creative scientists are first aid qualified and equipped with a first aid kit.  

Kids Party Ideas + Entertainment| Split Second Science | Cape Town

Kids Party Ideas + Entertainment| Split Second Science | Cape Town


Science shows 

Science shows are usually 60 minutes depending on the audience. The show combines different chemistry principles with more advanced experiments which have been engineered to be interactive and entertaining.

The show contains pH changes, oxidation, a smoke bubble blower, we make fire using water, create a hydrogen balloon and yes, we do ignite it.

We also work with other elements and chemicals such a dry ice, liquid nitrogen, helium and oxygen.

Kids Party Ideas + Entertainment| Split Second Science | Cape Town

What is the cost of a science show?

The show is R1500 regardless of the size of the audience and is suitable for most ages. The show can be done at birthday parties, schools and other activation's. 

Chemistry Experiences

Split Second Science Kids Parties Cape Town | Things to do with Kids

In today’s fast-paced arena of entertainment, guests and patrons are looking for new, innovating and exciting experiences. An institution that is able to offer these experiences will undoubtedly earn the loyalty and repeat business of companies.

Split Second Science (SSS) was created using innovation and takes science and creates experiences for participants. From humble beginnings at birthday parties, shopping mall activations and many more, Split Second Science knows how to entertain people using science. We allow for authentic interaction with Science instead of mundane consumption of products and services.

Due to the increasing number of pairings and experiences that have flooded the market, we have created a Science-based offering namely, ‘Experience Chemistry’.

Experience Chemistry is based on the different reactions that take place within your mouth and how to enhance these chemical reactions. From creating frozen fruit skewers using liquid nitrogen to changing the colour of champagne using ‘candy floss’

The various experiments combine different chemicals and allow participants to create their own, edible chemical experiments and are easily combined with any event such as ice-breakers, pre-drinks or provide the platform to unwind after a long conference. The 'Experience Chemistry' on offer is mainly aimed at corporate events that take place in the evenings. 

The experiences we offer:

  • Option 1: Carbonated cocktails:

Guests are given a selected of pre-made fruit skewers that they then freeze instantly using liquid nitrogen. These frozen fruit cubes are then used as ‘ice blocks’ in their cocktails.

 R 25 per person

  • Option 2: Non-Carbonated cocktails:

Guests are given the opportunity to add dry ice to their cocktails/drink and enjoy the ‘steamy’ effect that this creates.

R 15 per person

  • Option 3: Champagne:

Guests are given various colours ‘candy floss’ that they can add to their champagne to change its colour without affecting its taste. 

R 25 per person

For all three options, there is a base fee of R 750 which includes chemical and equipment costs, set-up/break-up and a professional fee.

To add to this, our creative scientists can also perform a range of experiments during the event to entertain the guests and provide them with interesting facts and uses of the various chemicals. This is charged at R 450 per creative scientists per hour.

We create a space for participants to socialize, enjoy themselves and experience the power of Science.

We have a travel fee of R 4.00 per kilometre outside of the Cape Gate area.

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