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Scootours: Fun Adventures and Kids' Parties in Cape Town

Explore Cape Town and Table Mountain in a new and exciting way!  Scootours is great for the whole family, hosting your kids birthday party and for things like Team Building Events.Climb onto your Monster Mountain Scooter and cruise down to the beautiful city below. Riding the Scooter is a unique way to get around and explore Table Mountain. The fun and adventurous activity provides you with spectacular views and you are exploring in an active way.

The Scooters do not have a motor and you are driven downhill by gravity, which makes this activity very Eco-friendly. 

Scootours Cape Town | Adventure + Kids Parties | Things to do With Kids

Kids Birthday Parties on Table Mountain, Cape Town

The kids will have loads of fun free-wheeling down the slopes of Table Mountain. This is a great way to get the kids active and spend time outside in the sun. parents don't have to worry as there are professionals guides always at hand. Safety comes first, with all participants receiving helmets and protective gloves. All riders get a short lesson on how the Scooters work before the fun begins. After everybody as finished their runs down the hill, all members of the party are invited to the park where there will be picnic facilities where you can enjoy the rest of the day.

Party for Kids

10 Years and older: Scootours is the best outdoor adventure and party idea. Kids turning 10 years and older have the opportunity to ride their own Scooter.

4 to 9 Years Old:  The little ones can also have an adventure but under the guidance of their parents. These kids get to double up with their parents on the Scooter.


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Departures are from Kloofnek parking area
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09:00-11:00 , 12:00-14:00, 15:00-17:00
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