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Child-Friendly Pottery Painting Experience, Durbanville

Pottery Painting is situated in Durbanville. They offer fun kids classes and classes where mom and child can spend some quality time together being creative. It is a great way to help kids explore their creativity, and also a "babysitting" alternative, where moms can drop their child in a secure and safe environment, while she runs some errands.

Pottery Painting offers loads of ceramics to choose from, which are then painted and decorated by the child, then glazed and fired and ready to collect within two weeks. The children then have something they have created to use and admire every day!

Kids Party Activity + Entertainment

If you are looking for some creative party entertainment, Pottery Painting Durbanville can come to your venue of choice and entertain the kids with this creative craft and art. It is the ideal indoor party solution during the colder winter months. 

Kids Party Entertainment | Melt Ceramics | Things to do with kids | Durbanville

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