Iziko Planetarium family friendly activity in Cape Town
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Age Groups

  • 5-9
  • 10-12
  • 13+

The Planetarium, which is housed in the South African Museum building in Cape Town, is a celestial theatre in the round, utilising the complex Minolta star machine and multiple projectors to transport the audience through the wonders of the universe. The ultimate in armchair travel!

Inside the domed auditorium, we can recreate the night sky, so whatever the weather outside, the Planetarium sky is always clear, an extraordinary audio-visual experience for young and old.

Davy Dragon’s Guide to the Night Sky

6 February – 13 March
9 April – 19 June
27 April, 2 May & 16 June
23 July – 25 September
Saturday & Sunday - 12:00 (excluding Saturday 24 September)
9 August -12:00

Come and join Davy Dragon while he learns all about the sky above so that he can fulfil his dream of becoming the world’s best flying dragon! This is a playful introduction to astronomy especially for the under 10s. Just right for inquiring young minds.
For children aged 5-10 years

The Sky Tonight

Saturday & Sunday - 13:00
Plus 27 April, 2 May & 16 June – 13:00
9 August -13:00
An interesting live lecture on the current night sky is presented every Saturday and Sunday. You will receive a star map and be shown where to find the constellations and planets that are visible this month.

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