Eat@Simonsvlei Paarl | Child-friendly Restaurant + Party Venue  | Things to do With Kids
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Have you visited Eat@Simonsvlei Restaurant and Party venue in Paarl, Cape Winelands?

Eat@Simonsvlei (pronounced "Eat at Simonsvlei") is situated on the prestige wine farm Simonsvlei between Paarl and the Northern suburbs of Cape Town. They offer high-quality food prepared by Chef Rob Hahn in a lovely child-friendly environment. You would think that this comes at a high price too, but Eat@Simonsvlei has gone the extra mile to make your visit affordable and classy. Mom and Dad can order wine at cellar prices and the kids can choose from their children’s menu.

Eat at Simonsvlei Paarl | Child-friendly Restaurant + Party Venue  | Things to do With Kids


Wine Tastings for adults and sweetie pairings for kids

While parents can sip on locally produced wines, kids can try our their Cream Soda fizzer paired with a Cream Soda, Choc chip cookie with a Chocolate milkshake, Marshmallow skewer with red Grapetizer and apple flavoured lollipop with Appletizer.

Indoor and outdoor play areas

Eat at Simonsvlei Paarl | Child-friendly Restaurant + Party Venue  | Things to do With Kids

Finding a spot with an indoor play area in the Winelands is a challenge. Eat@Simonsvlei has two options for rainy days. Kids can book a chef party or just play in the general indoor entertainment area- this includes tables for art and crafts, soft play toys, puzzles and building blocks.

We can accommodate you in our play area which is enclosed and equipped with slides, swings and jungle gyms. There is seating in the play area, so moms are welcome to join the children in the play area or alternatively dine in our restaurant or on the veranda, both which have a view of the play area.

Seating can overlook the indoor play area and as for the outdoor play area, parents can decide if they wish to sit at the tables in the enclosed play area, equipped with slides, swings and jungle gyms or dine in the restaurant with a view over the play area.

Have a Picnic overlooking Paarl Mountain

Enjoy a picnic on the lovely lawn area shaded by big oak trees next to the dam. Picnic tables are available Wine is included see their picnic menu on their website. 

Eat@Simonsvlei Events

Eat@Simonsvlei always have delicious menus and food for special occasions like mother's day and father's day.

Father's Day at Eat@Simonsvlei, don't miss out. Here is the delicious menu

Eat@Simonsvlei Winter Menu

Kids Parties + Self-catering Venue Hire

Kids party packages range from R50 per head to R115 per child for Master chef parties. Ask them about the following party packages:


                    Eat@Simonsvlei Paarl | Child-friendly Restaurant + Party Venue  | Things to do With Kids

Eat@Simonsvlei Paarl party packages as follows:                     

  • Junior Master chef – R125pp:  Kids will receive chef hats and pizza boxes which they can decorate with crayons and stickers provided. The kids can build their own pizza and choose from different ingredients like, tomato, ham, pineapple and mushroom and cut out pastry shapes to identify their pizza which then gets baked for them. They are welcome to take home the pizza that they can't finish in their decorated boxes. A milkshake is also included. Kids must be at least 7 yrs old and there must be a minimum of 8 guests.
  • Bakeoff – R140pp:  This one especially for the girls! Each is given a chef hat to decorate. They are supplied with a cookie which they ice and bake and a cupcake with various icing colours and toppings for them to decorate and take home. Our pastry chef will be able to assist and demonstrate. We include a meal from the kid's menu as well as a milkshake. Kids must be at least 7 yrs old and there must be a minimum of 8 guests.
  • The full fun package – R135pp:  For the younger kids. Party packs are provided which include a juice, packet of chips, chocolate and assorted loose sweets and a novelty toy. A kiddies meal and milkshake are included as well as full use of our play area.
  • Juice and snack pairing – R85: Cream soda fizzer paired with a cream soda, Choc chip cookie with a Chocolate milkshake, Marshmallow skewer with red Grapetizer and apple flavoured lollipop with Appletizer.

Alternatively, you can bring in your own catering for themed parties. In such cases, the venue hire fee is R60 per child.

Adults joining the party can eat off the a la carte menu, depending on numbers, or you can pre-order a set menu or platters. We are very flexible on the menu to suit your requirements and budget and look forward to discussing this further with you.  Numbers of adults need to be confirmed beforehand to allow sufficient seating.

Please note that booking the above packages do not ensure exclusivity. The kid's area is open to other patrons. Should you prefer exclusivity we charge R2500.  This will allow you exclusivity from 09.30-13.00 or 14.00-17.00.

We can arrange jumping castles and other play equipment or you can contact Tanya from Fab Parties who does all of our décor and entertainment for kiddies parties. Note that there is a 20% handling fee should we organize this for you. And given the current water restrictions, we do not allow any water play equipment on the premises.

Note that our wines are sold at cost price (for the moms and dads only of course) and that we add a 10% staff gratuity to the final bill. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit to confirm the booking, final numbers 3 days beforehand and the balance of payment on the day. If you are making a cash payment, please do so directly to us. Any banking charges incurred for cash deposits will be billed to your account.

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