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Minecraft Virtual Escape Room Challenge Play

19 September 2020 - 23 September 2020

home entertainment

Age Groups

  • 5-9
  • 10-12

Be In Touch (a pro-tech digital parenting company), has teamed up with Computers 4 Kids (a cutting edge computer education company), to provide an innovative entertaining AND educational screen time option for parents looking to divert their kids from mindless social media and gaming. Perfect for the holidays coming up!

The Minecraft Virtual Escape Room Challenge, running from 19 to 23 September 2020, will help kids from Grades 3 to 7 build EQ skills, as well as develop some 21st century life skills like strategic thinking, coding, communication, creativity and problem-solving. It turns out that Minecraft is not just a game!

On this cool virtual excursion, your child will receive access to a 5 day online Minecraft curriculum with bespoke Worlds. They will receive pin codes to unlock one World/Activity each day, at a time of their (or your) choice, and will keep kids engaged for 1 to 2 hours a day, ensuring you are in control of screen time. These exciting Worlds cover a variety of subjects and topics that are relevant to life skills and come with a full set of instructions.

On the final day, Wed 23 September, the Minecraft Escape Room Challenge will commence, which will last 2-3 hours. Using their expert Minecraft Knowledge, your kids will face the ultimate Escape Room Challenge in this Minecraft World. Explore the mansion, locate items, problem solve, unlock secret doors and rooms, go back in time, and ESCAPE! They’ll need all their Minecraft knowledge and brainpower for this one!

There are some awesome prizes to be won, and the winners will be announced on 9 October 2020!

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