Unique kids party ideas: Let’s go camping

  • unique kids birthday party ideas | camping party ideas | party activities

Unique kids party ideas: Let’s go camping


Warmer weather is here and it is a good time to think about unique and different types of kid’s birthday Party ideas. Does your child love the outdoors? Why not try a camping party, where you can set up outside or if push comes to shove there are ways to even set up inside. There are plenty of inspirational and great ideas out there, here are some birthday party camping ideas you might like to use or maybe inspires you to create something unique of your own.

Camping Party snack ideas

unique kids birthday party ideas | camping party ideas | party activities

Pretzel twigs

A very simple snack; put some stick pretzels in a bowl with a sign that says: ‘firewood sticks or twigs’

Cheese curls fire

This idea for a party snack is very easy. Just take a bowl and line it with tissue paper. Make sure the colour you use represents fire, orange, yellow and red. Fill the bowl with the chips and there you have a camping snack.

Trail mix party pack

Set up a trail mix station where kids can come and pick and choose their snacks to take home or eat there. You can use simple bowls or try some mini tin buckets, place your treat inside and onto a table with a sign. Mini marshmallows, m&m’s, chocolate peanuts, gummi bears and anything else you think the kids might enjoy. Hand out another paper cup or bag the kids can use to put their treat in. A sugar cone is also big enough to be used and more environmentally friendly, no cups or containers to throw away.


This traditional campfire snack is a definite crowd pleaser. You don’t have to have a campfire to enjoy these delicious eats; an oven or even microwave oven will do just as good at home.

You will need:

  • We generally use Marie biscuits or digestive biscuits
  • Packet or more of marshmallows
  • Some chocolate bars

Heat the oven to 180°C and grease a large baking tray. Arrange the biscuits on the tray and place a block of chocolate on each one. Then take a marshmallow and place this on the piece of chocolate. Put this into the oven for about 4 minutes, the chocolate and marshmallow should just be starting to soften. Take out of the oven and place a second biscuit on top to make a sandwich. Let cool and enjoy.

Forest berries

Place some berries out in some bowls to snack on. Enjoy strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Fishing rod and bait

unique kids birthday party ideas | camping party ideas | party activities

Here you can take a wooden stick or a pretzel stick. Tie a length of string on the one end. At the ends of the string tie on a gummy worm. There you have your fishing rod and bait.

Easy foods

Of course, the simplest and easiest of foods to make are hot dogs and hamburgers.


unique kids birthday party ideas | camping party ideas | party activities



You can make your own cakes, but I prefer to leave that to the professionals.


Camping Party décor ideas


Camping Signs

You can make camping signs to place throughout your party area. Have a welcome sign like, Welcome to camp John at the entrance.  Other signs can be placed onto the food, for instance, you can call the chocolate peanuts: ‘deer poop’ or beware the bear signs. In our case, it might have to be, beware the lions. You can even place a stuffed bear or lion next to the sign.

unique kids birthday party ideas | camping party ideas | party activities



Whether you’re outside or inside camping chairs can be used for the kids to sit on. You can place some normal tents around for décor or why not try something more unique such as a teepee. You can either make your own or there are companies that rent out such items.

Try the Outdoor 5-minute teepee idea

Make a fire

Here you can use some blocks of firewood plus some coloured red and orange crinkle paper. Fairy lights can also be placed inside to create the illusion of fire.

Party favour idea

An easy party favour, take a piece of square cloth place your goodies inside and tie this up to a stick. You can also use a small fishing net instead of just a stick.

Camping Party activities for the kids

Scavenger hunt

This is always a favourite; create a scavenger hunt in the garden. Choose some camping related items and hide them. Make up a list of things to find on paper and hand out to the kids. The first one to get all the items wins a prize.

The younger lot may like to enjoy some colouring in. There are plenty of camp-related colour pages that can be used.

Two-legged race

Many outdoor games can be used in your camping party. You can try the two-legged race, sack race and the spoon and egg race.

Worms in Orley whip

This is a messy and fun activity for kids to do. Get some Orley whip and put some onto a paper plate, hide some gummy worms in the Orley whip. The kids now have to use only their mouths to get each worm out. This game is very similar to bobbing apples.

Camping songs

Sitting around the campfire and singing songs. If somebody in the family can play the guitar that’s great. If not I’m sure you can find some music to play so everybody can sing along.


I hope these camping party ideas have sparked your creative side so that you can create the best party for your child. What other ideas do you have, please give us some ideas for kids parties, comment below.

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