Tribute to my husband, the father of my kids

Tribute to my husband, the father of my kids

To my hunk from early adulthood, my surfer-boy with his wide, old Merc – riding waves like a religion, at dusk and dawn. My ambitious worker bee, luminary philosopher, thank you for courting me, asking me to be your girlfriend, your wife and then the mother of your children. Ten years ago, I would never have imagined the road which lies ahead, the blessing of having someone by my side, to invest in and to grow with.

I saw your face the day our little girl was born, the immense post labour relief combined with the realisation of the responsibility it brought. At a moment in time that I thought I couldn’t love you more, another layer of deep and intense connectedness was revealed to me.

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Thank you for being my rock and calm place in the storm of juggling work, parenthood, family and just life in general. Thank you for your respectful way of handling conflict. Thank you for being my partner in life, travel, religion and every venture I take on. Thank you for being my “YES, everything is possible”- man!


To the metro dad- who helps with night time routines, preparing dinner and school lunchboxes all while you, yourself, juggle a full-time career. To the daddy who sits down to play doll and get dressed up to his daughter’s delight, the father who shows his boy how to throw a punch- I often sit amongst the school moms and hear complaints about uninvolved husbands, sympathising, and thanking God for the special person, that is you. But hear me, I not only thank God, I thank you, for making yourself available to serve, provide, invest in and guide our family.

Your kids adore you, your parents admire you, your friends and colleagues know your value and I praise you.

Be blessed...

I bless you with love for yourself and others, I bless you with energy and efficiency, I bless you with peace, I bless you with a life in abundance, may you continue to be a blessing to others.

To my husband and all the other involved husbands out there, thank you, we salute you! May you go from strength to strength!



Tanya is our practical, "go-getter" adventurer, mom. With an honours degree in Biokinetics, diploma in Business Marketing & Administration, and as a master analyser, she loves blogging about the nitty gritty, educational topics, and how to simplify life. She is an extroverted logical thinker and enjoys writing about products and services that solve problems and makes life more enjoyable. She is a scientist at heart with a love for life, travel, family, friends and universal principles. In her free time, Tanya works and reads books on spiritual and business growth, and thus created a career that will involve family life, problem-solving and travelling. She surrounds herself with geniuses who share her values, love for wisdom and life.

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