Mi-Ka the Meerkat is searching for her home

Mi-Ka the Meerkat is searching for her home

#3: The World of Stars

Mi-Ka the Meerkat has lost her home and has no idea where she belongs. After exploring the Underwater World of Fishes and the Wonderful World of Trees, she continues her journey.

While happily skipping through the forest on her way to her next destination, the World of Humans, Mi-Ka realizes that it is getting darker and darker and soon, she can hardly see her hand in front of her face. Afraid of the dark, she starts to get anxious and scared, her eyes large and sad. She starts to cry, big drops of sadness falling down her cheeks.

“How will I ever find my home without a guiding light to show me the way?” she cries out, aloud.

Suddenly, she sees a bright star whooshing down to where she is sitting on the moss-covered forest floor. It is beautiful, with rays of brilliant white sparkles jumping from the star onto Mi-Ka’s hands and feet. Mi-Ka is mesmerized and immediately feels calm as she listens to the sound of bells: ding-dong … dingeling-ding-dong ... The star is singing her a comforting lullaby!

“Don’t be so sad,” the star says in its beautiful sing-song voice, “you don’t have to be afraid of the dark – there are thousands of stars pinned to the night sky. We are there to guide you. Did you know that before humans built houses and before there were funny things like TV and cellphones, the animals and people of this world used stars, and the light of our best friend the moon, to find their way in the night?”

“Really?” Mi-Ka says, her eyes big with wonder.

“So, can the stars help me find my family too?”

The star smiles, a smile so bright that it lights up the entire forest and brings happiness into Mi-Ka’s heart. “listen to your heart, for it will tell you where you belong, and look to the stars, for we will show you the way.”

Mi-Ka feels much better and realizes that in nature, nobody is ever alone. The rustling leaves of the trees whisper sweet stories of kindness, the stars fill her heart with joy and all the animals are her friends. She gives the star a hug and falls asleep to the soothing sounds of its lullaby … ding-dong, dingeling- ding-dong ...

Tomorrow, she will continue her adventure.

See you next time!

Mi-Ka the Meerkat is searching for her home | Kids story | Things to do With Kids

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