Mermaid Birthday Party captured by Jeanne-Marie Gomes Photography

Mermaid Birthday Party captured by Jeanne-Marie Gomes Photography

Wow- it has been a while since we shared a post-worthy kids party photography blog, but this time we have a lovely story to share too!

As you know the Autumn Things to do With Kids Magazine has a special focus on kids party trends. So what do you get when you merge a fashion buyer with special photography skills?  My guess is a photographer with fantastic taste and an eye for detail!  Dear parents, meet Jeanne-Marie Gomes Photography - a mom who took a leap of faith to pursue her dream job and more importantly work-life balance! Jeanne-Marie, we wish you the best with your career! 

Tanya + team!

"I want to be a Mermaid mommy!"

This is every little girl's dream and was exactly what made this day extra special for this 6-year-old girl. The celebration took place in the comfort of their own home and spoke of incredible attention to detail when it came to the decor. My favourite part of the party was the birthday cake, a show stopper as it should be with every single birthday!

mermaid decor 1.jpg

Beautiful colours and tasty treats complimenting the mermaid theme!

mermaid decor 2.jpg

Attention to detail is so important when planning a kids party!

family and friends.jpg

The gorgeous birthday girl with her family and friend.

pinata fun (1).jpg

There is nothing better than having a piñata to add to the fun of a party!

Pro Tip

Always meet your photographer before booking

After a 10 year career in the very stressful environment of being a fashion buying manager, I have realised that life is too short to not enjoy it. 

Over the last 4 years I have specifically been involved with kids clothing and with the added advantage of being a mother, I not only understand this market from all angles but also have such a passion for it. I love capturing 'forever moments' and realised that my love and passion can be converted into a different industry and allow me to enjoy life to the fullest and have the balance of being a mother and wife at the same time. 

I enrolled myself into part-time courses at Orms photography school in Cape Town and took the leap of faith to leave the corporate world to start my photography career full time. 

I live for capturing those 'forever moments' and therefore decided to become a lifestyle photographer specialising in kids birthdays and family shoots. There's nothing more precious for me than looking back at my photo albums my mother created for me, every single birthday had a theme. I also put a huge amount of effort into planning my own kids' birthday parties. From the theme through to the decor and then, of course, I ensure those 'forever moments' are captured. I enjoy creating photo books for my customers so that they too enjoy looking back at those 'forever moments' as the kids grow up. You are welcome to use the contact form below to contact me for your next family or party shoot!

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