Kaskazi Kayak trips for families Cape Town

Kaskazi Kayak trips for families Cape Town

Kaskazi Kayaks offer family friendly ocean kayak trips from from Three anchor bay, Cape Town all year round. Things to do with kids got invited for an educational and here is what mommy blogger Nadia Langenegger, qualified Sister, adventurist, wife and mother of two had to say about her trip. Remember to visit our dedicated page for fun things to do near Cape Town.


Guided Kayak trip (Kaskazi Kayaks)


Tuesday morning, in my car on the highway at 09:00.  I am looking forward to my kayaking appointment at 10:00 at Moulli Point with Kaskazi Kayaks!


I am opening up to all my senses. Breathe in sea air, feel the light breeze and then I stepped into the shop. They were not aware of my online booking, but none the less accommodated me and were very friendly.


Some advice:  go earlier because you get basic information on kayaking and safety tips. You can make this a learning experience for yourself by reading up on your surroundings; it does not get pointed out during the trip.


Down at the beach we were teamed up in pairs and the guide helped us into the ocean. What felt like a little breeze earlier, did pick up and there were some big dunes!  This experience might not be for the faint hearted.  It was an amazingly, overwhelming feeling sitting in your small kayak in the mighty ocean. One couple turned around and rather got out.


Beautiful Table Mountain (one of the new seven wonders of the world) and Lions Head are the well known icons that you can expect to see from a new angle,... but then something magnificent appeared from the water.  A massive fin, a side fin of A WHALE, no wait, two or three of them!  My word, I have never been this close to a whale before.  The tail fin appeared a few times, and it was as if the whale was waving at us with its side fins. It felt like these whales were really giving us a performance! They were spraying water and making whale sounds, right in front of us, +-80metres from us.  We would follow them from a distance and just watched them and listened. Awe inspiring!


Dunes collided with our kayak a few times and we were drenched, and cold and in need of a hot cup of coffee (rather than water at the time).  But having that experience, you do not mind to give up some of your daily comforts.  Truth is, you want to share it with everyone you love, everyone who will appreciate it.   


This is an experience of a lifetime. Seeing the whales was just a bonus, so do not expect it.  Children over 5 are welcomed.  Do realize that with the youngsters, YOU will do the rowing and steering!


Guess what?  “I’ll be back!”


Good to know:

Kaskazi kayaks offer trips for families with kids preferably 5 years and older if they are comfortable around the ocean, otherwise 8 years and older. All kids must be supervised by an adult.

You cannot take anything with you on the boat including Cellphones, they offer storage for that at the shop.

The standard trips are merely kayaking and enjoying the scenery, it does not include swimming and snorkelling, but terms can be negotiated for groups.

There is an escape route should you, for some reason wish not to complete the trip.

Kaskazi offers four hour Kayak Courses, teaching skills like rolling to recover if your kayak tipped over.

You can enjoy a shower and some coffee on site after your trip.

The guide takes pictures and it will be placed on their FB page for your convenience.

They have a Sunday mid day trip where kids get discount. Visit their site for more info

Remember that all trips are weather dependant and can be cancelled at short notice. Though they do make an effort to phone you in time, it is a good idea to just check with them by phoning on the day. 

Was your trip cancelled? Visit our home page for some more things to do in Cape Town!

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